Conspiracy Theories: The Powerpuff Girls

Heyyy guys! We’re back again to Useful Information About Nothing. This is the 70th blog post I’m making. 30 posts shy of a 100. Lucky number 7 with the big 0 beside it! 70 blog posts and y’all are still here. Even though I don’t know most of you, you’re all still here on this … Continue reading Conspiracy Theories: The Powerpuff Girls

Right In The Childhood! – The Powerpuff Girls (i)

<!-- _Heyy! Its Friday! Friday! Idunnotherestofthelyrics Friday!!! How are you doing? Glad that after a long boring week of school and all, the weekend is finally here? Me too! I'm just glad I get to rest a bit before another long week. I know some of y'all have busy weekends too so its like everyday … Continue reading Right In The Childhood! – The Powerpuff Girls (i)