Funniest Thing I’ve Heard During Sex

So today’s blog post, being post number 100 and also a post after 100,000 views was supposed to be quite special, and I actually had it all planned. I played a late (but quite nasty) April fool’s joke on my parents. You know those kinda “jokes” you tell that aren’t jokes, but you contextualize them … Continue reading Funniest Thing I’ve Heard During Sex

My (almost) First Time Doing Anal

Hey guys! So I know I’ve been slightly absent for a while, and I apologize. I was hoping to finish making my post for my fictional erotica blog and then post an excerpt from it here, before I’d have gone ahead to update this blog. But knowing the savages y’all are, you’ll probably see me … Continue reading My (almost) First Time Doing Anal

Since Everyone’s Eating Ass…

I might as well just share the story of my first time with the booty. Don't judge me, y'all eat random stuff like frog legs, snakes, dogs, amala, and all of a sudden you can't eat the booty? I think the problem most of y'all face is that you don't realize that ass eating focuses … Continue reading Since Everyone’s Eating Ass…

Conspiracy Theories: The Powerpuff Girls

Heyyy guys! We’re back again to Useful Information About Nothing. This is the 70th blog post I’m making. 30 posts shy of a 100. Lucky number 7 with the big 0 beside it! 70 blog posts and y’all are still here. Even though I don’t know most of you, you’re all still here on this … Continue reading Conspiracy Theories: The Powerpuff Girls

Right In The Childhood! – The Powerpuff Girls (i)

<!-- _Heyy! Its Friday! Friday! Idunnotherestofthelyrics Friday!!! How are you doing? Glad that after a long boring week of school and all, the weekend is finally here? Me too! I'm just glad I get to rest a bit before another long week. I know some of y'all have busy weekends too so its like everyday … Continue reading Right In The Childhood! – The Powerpuff Girls (i)

Right in The Childhood! – The Flintstones

Well hello thurrrrrr! I'm in an absolutely outstanding mood today simply because someone sent me an early birthday present (although now that I think about it, it means I'm not getting anything on my birthday :/ Oh well) and I love the present soooo much 😀 Anyways, for today and for the next few posts, … Continue reading Right in The Childhood! – The Flintstones