Clubbing In San Francisco: What To Expect

So hey guys! Back again to another bit of information that’ll probably help you in no way possible. Or it might. Either ways, this post is dedicated to those who intend to go clubbing (at some point in their life) in San Francisco. I guess it might go for clubbing in general, but I can’t … Continue reading Clubbing In San Francisco: What To Expect

My Most Dramatic Flight Experience

Now I’ve settled down and my jet lag has faded away a bit, I think I tell you guys the story of what happened as I was flying back to San Francisco. Flight Horror Story tbh. Before I go on, I wrote a story on my other blog about a hitman so check it out when … Continue reading My Most Dramatic Flight Experience

My First Semester At SFSU

We’re back to this reoccurring theme of me ignoring you guys for a long period of time, apologizing, then moving on to today’s post as usual right? Even though I see no reason why I’m apologizing (I mean, it’s not like you guys ever read whatever I post before the main post) but I’ll only … Continue reading My First Semester At SFSU