My (almost) First Time Doing Anal

Hey guys! So I know I’ve been slightly absent for a while, and I apologize. I was hoping to finish making my post for my fictional erotica blog and then post an excerpt from it here, before I’d have gone ahead to update this blog. But knowing the savages y’all are, you’ll probably see me … Continue reading My (almost) First Time Doing Anal

SuperBowl XLIX (49): Fuck This Shit

Superbowl. Fuck Russell Wilson and his 4B hair. Superbowl. Fuck Belichick or whateverthefuckhisnameis. You know what rhymes with Belichick? R Kelly’s dick. Fuck Darrell Bevell and every stupid call he’s been thinking. Whoever updated his Wikipedia page hit the nail on the head Fuck it all. Right now I’m trying to get my life together … Continue reading SuperBowl XLIX (49): Fuck This Shit

My Most Dramatic Flight Experience

Now I’ve settled down and my jet lag has faded away a bit, I think I tell you guys the story of what happened as I was flying back to San Francisco. Flight Horror Story tbh. Before I go on, I wrote a story on my other blog about a hitman so check it out when … Continue reading My Most Dramatic Flight Experience

Into The Woods: Movie Review

Hey guys! Guess who’s back again to blogging ^_^! So I know it’s been a while since I came here to update the blog. Like, actually put a post online. I apologize to my avid readers. What happened was, asides school, I got in an accident and broke some fingers and I couldn’t write for … Continue reading Into The Woods: Movie Review

Everyone Should Not Overlook The Importance of Diarrhea

I know this is quite lazy of me, but I just remembered that I promised a friend that I'd show her my favorite essay in college. So here it is! Enjoy guys 🙂 Btw, I still really fucking hate these tiny sized ugly shits wordpress calls fonts. It really pisses me off typing and reading … Continue reading Everyone Should Not Overlook The Importance of Diarrhea

My Pepper Spray Experience

Hey Guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, and it feels like I only update it ceremonially, giving flimsy excuses as to why it hasn’t been updated. This time around, I DO have a legit reason as to why I didn’t update my blog recently. And I also like white … Continue reading My Pepper Spray Experience