Hey Guyys! So I’m back again with another post! Before I go on, I want to say that, just like #TheLast9Posts, we’re gonna be having a new theme from now, till the end of the month! This month’s theme is gonna be called #TheFriendZoneChronicles. However, unlike last month’s theme, I’m not gonna be telling all … Continue reading #TheFriendZoneChronicles

As Told By Her

Hey guys! How are you doing today? Hope all is well?! Yes? No? Of course everything is not okay! Today marks the end of #TheLast9Posts. I'm as sad as you are. We've had tales of mischief, revenge, mindfuck, romance, espionage, family, sibling rivalry and frustration. Well it’s been an awesome time posting, but all good things must come to an end. I know y'all … Continue reading As Told By Her

Tales of My Scars

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! How are you this beautiful day? Hope you’re doing great?! It’s time for the 8th of #TheLast9Posts. Wow! We’ve really come a long way. It’s been fun hasn’t it? 8 stories of mischief, revenge, love, sex, and sibling rivalry. If there was any incest in this, it’d be a Game of Thrones remake. Anyhoo! … Continue reading Tales of My Scars

The Art of Bazooing

Well well well! We’re back here again for the 5th of #TheLast9Posts. Wow. Number 5 out of 9. We’re slowly coming to an end for this theme! Anyways, there’ll be more themes y’all can enjoy so enjoy this while you still can! However, I’m sorry today’s post might be a tad brief. Bear with me. … Continue reading The Art of Bazooing

Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends

Heyyy guys! So we’re back here again, for the 2nd of #TheLast9Posts. Due to the lack of time and some other factors, today’s post is gonna be brief, but trust me to embellish it with the details! So, let’s get started!   Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends Anymore So this story takes place … Continue reading Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends

How I Lost My Virginity

Heyyyy guysss! It’s really a good and beautiful day today! You know why? Cus it’s my blog’s one year anniversary! Yaayyyyy! Twerk timeee!!   Anyways, I really want to thank you guys for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog every now and then! S/O to whoever’s in Sweden and UAE … Continue reading How I Lost My Virginity

How To Get A Nigerian Nickname

FINALLY! FINALLY!! FINALLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I’VE REACHED DOUBLE DIGITS ON THIS BLOG! WOOOHOOOOO!! 10,000+ VIEWS ON THE BLOG!!! *rips shirt and boxers and starts twerking*   Today’s post is going to be about Nigerian nicknames! I’d say nicknames in general, but see, with my shallow knowledge of other cultures and how they operate..   Growing up in … Continue reading How To Get A Nigerian Nickname