#TheFriendZoneChronicles – My Experience With A Lightskin

Hey guys! It’s been a really REALLY long time. I know. Naturally, I would be jumping into today’s post, without really explaining why I’ve been away for so long, but I guess I owe you guys an explanation. This is how my week has been, with me being the pig and “Life” being the hippo … Continue reading #TheFriendZoneChronicles – My Experience With A Lightskin

Why You Should Let Me Be Your Boyfriend

Hiiiii guysss! So I’m semi happy, semi sad, and fully tired at this moment! Semi happy because my pleas didn’t fall on deaf ears as I got two emails yesterday! Semi sad because I only got TWO emails yesterday. Smh. I’d have thought that y’all would sympathize with me after I begged y’all, but only … Continue reading Why You Should Let Me Be Your Boyfriend


Hey Guyys! So I’m back again with another post! Before I go on, I want to say that, just like #TheLast9Posts, we’re gonna be having a new theme from now, till the end of the month! This month’s theme is gonna be called #TheFriendZoneChronicles. However, unlike last month’s theme, I’m not gonna be telling all … Continue reading #TheFriendZoneChronicles

YAY! Cool Story!

Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! We’re back again on Useful Information About Nothing! Its been a while hasn’t it? I hope you’ve been good tho? Not falling sick and shit like me? I mean.. I’m not sick. My nose has just been having an emotional breakdown and its been crying since. I refuse to believe I have a cold. … Continue reading YAY! Cool Story!