My First Beating (From Dad)

Hey Guyss! Well there’s no time for salutations and shit. I just finished packing my stuff and I’ll soon be off to San Francisco in a few. So let’s just get into today’s post!   My First Beating From Dad My dad is a really chill man though! That’s where I get my patience and … Continue reading My First Beating (From Dad)

Airende And I

Heyy guyysss! How are ya doing? Hope you’re doing great?! Cus I am! I’m just making this post cus I forgot to tell you about one more famous story about Airende and I. This is going to be the 7th of #TheLast9Posts. I’d have just made the story as an extra post for today, but … Continue reading Airende And I

Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends

Heyyy guys! So we’re back here again, for the 2nd of #TheLast9Posts. Due to the lack of time and some other factors, today’s post is gonna be brief, but trust me to embellish it with the details! So, let’s get started!   Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends Anymore So this story takes place … Continue reading Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends

My Lesson Teacher And I

Heyy guys! How are you doing? Hope you’re all doing well! Cus I certainly ain’t doing too well. Lemme just give you the lowdown of what happened today while I was taking the bus before we delve into today’s story. So I went to see The Conjuring yesterday and it wasn’t even scary at all. … Continue reading My Lesson Teacher And I

Africa vs The Left Hand

Heyy guys! I’m pretty sure I've offended you by not blogging for a long time…But it’s okay. I've offended a lot of people these past few weeks, so if you've been offended that I haven’t blogged in a long time… :’) Trademark Oise, to abuse you when you clearly did nothing. Such is life my dear! Anyways, I’m back again to … Continue reading Africa vs The Left Hand

The Sexual Side of Life VI

Heyyy Guys! What's good? How's the weekend been going? Pretty good? Having fun? Partying? Or you're just like me? Sitting down at home, confused whether to watch cartoons, play video games, or wait till Sunday night to start doing all my assignments? *sigh. #TeamNoLife Anyways, this might probably be the last Sexual Side of Life … Continue reading The Sexual Side of Life VI