Condoms Can Ruin Your Life

Soo um, hi guys. Sorry I’ve been absent for a while. I’ll explain it all in today’s post. I’m partially free so I’ll just drop this here. It’ll be two stories in one, but I’ll try to put in as much detail as possible, while making it as short as possible. However, I’m pretty sure … Continue reading Condoms Can Ruin Your Life

My First Beating (From Dad)

Hey Guyss! Well there’s no time for salutations and shit. I just finished packing my stuff and I’ll soon be off to San Francisco in a few. So let’s just get into today’s post!   My First Beating From Dad My dad is a really chill man though! That’s where I get my patience and … Continue reading My First Beating (From Dad)

3 Reasons Why I Love Father’s Day

50th Blog post! Woohoo! We’ve come really far here haven’t we? I mean, 50 blog posts aren’t that easy to just type! Okay, I take that back, I’ve done about 47 with the exceptions being my About, Hello World, and the post I reblogged about 4 reasons why you can’t touch my hair…but who’s counting? … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why I Love Father’s Day

My Childhood Stories! Why I Can’t Swim

Hi Guys!! Sorry about the midnight rant :$ But I really did believe I had just seen Lucifer in the flesh! Anyways, 47 blog posts and 10,000 views later, I’ve come again to tell you another childhood story of mine. It’s pretty famous at home, so I just thought I’d share it with you. My … Continue reading My Childhood Stories! Why I Can’t Swim