Airende And I

Heyy guyysss! How are ya doing? Hope you’re doing great?! Cus I am! I’m just making this post cus I forgot to tell you about one more famous story about Airende and I. This is going to be the 7th of #TheLast9Posts. I’d have just made the story as an extra post for today, but … Continue reading Airende And I

My Brothers And I

Hiiiiiiii guys! How ya dewwwwwin? Hope all is well? It’s time for the 6th of #TheLast9Posts! So please, sit back, relax and enjoy today’s post!   My Brothers & I   Yup! I had no fashion sense whatsoever! I still have no fashion sense, but these are my brothers. I have no sisters. So, from … Continue reading My Brothers And I

My First Kiss

Alright Alright ALLRIGHTTTAA! As you can see, changes have been made around here! There’s a new theme in town and I thought it looked cool! I understand that lots of people are afraid of change, but I’m not! However, if you're using your phone and you can't see this, don't bother. Soooo, let’s begin with … Continue reading My First Kiss

Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends! The Alternate Story

Heyy guys! So we’re here for the 3rd of #TheLast9Posts and again, due to the time constraint, it’s gonna be brief. This time, when I say brief, I really mean BRIEF! Like briefer than yesterday’s post! Since it’s #ThrowbackThursday, I figured we’d have a throwback post and ignore the childhood stories today and focus on … Continue reading Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends! The Alternate Story

Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends

Heyyy guys! So we’re back here again, for the 2nd of #TheLast9Posts. Due to the lack of time and some other factors, today’s post is gonna be brief, but trust me to embellish it with the details! So, let’s get started!   Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends Anymore So this story takes place … Continue reading Why I Don’t Have Male Best Friends

My Lesson Teacher And I

Heyy guys! How are you doing? Hope you’re all doing well! Cus I certainly ain’t doing too well. Lemme just give you the lowdown of what happened today while I was taking the bus before we delve into today’s story. So I went to see The Conjuring yesterday and it wasn’t even scary at all. … Continue reading My Lesson Teacher And I

The Day I Tried To Run Away From Home

Heyyyy guys! How ya dewwin? Hope all’s well? I’m pretty sure your life right now should be better than mine. At least, you don’t have boxers getting stuck to your hairless ass till it grows back. Anyways, for today, I want to tell y’all about something that happened to me when I was much younger! … Continue reading The Day I Tried To Run Away From Home