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I might as well just share the story of my first time with the booty. Don’t judge me, y’all eat random stuff like frog legs, snakes, dogs, amala, and all of a sudden you can’t eat the booty? I think the problem most of y’all face is that you don’t realize that ass eating focuses […]


Frankly, I feel like my featured image is basically what most of you are saying as you read this, but I don’t care. I figured enough time had elapsed for me to tell you about how I spent my Valentine’s Day. In my last post, I remember telling y’all to check out my fictional erotica […]

Superbowl. Fuck Russell Wilson and his 4B hair. Superbowl. Fuck Belichick or whateverthefuckhisnameis. You know what rhymes with Belichick? R Kelly’s dick. Fuck Darrell Bevell and every stupid call he’s been thinking. Whoever updated his Wikipedia page hit the nail on the head Fuck it all. Right now I’m trying to get my life together […]

So hey guys! Back again to another bit of information that’ll probably help you in no way possible. Or it might. Either ways, this post is dedicated to those who intend to go clubbing (at some point in their life) in San Francisco. I guess it might go for clubbing in general, but I can’t […]


Now I’ve settled down and my jet lag has faded away a bit, I think I tell you guys the story of what happened as I was flying back to San Francisco. Flight Horror Story tbh. Before I go on, I wrote a story on my other blog about a hitman so check it out when […]


I’m sure that once a lot of you who have Nigerian parents saw the title of this post, you began to remember the times when your parents totally missed the point. And I feel you. Normally I’d shrug it off, but today, the way my father missed road, it brought back many memories of how […]