My Misadventures In Canada

Hey guys! How y’all doing? You good? Nice to know. Anyways, I’ve been feeling in the zone and shit (plus exams are coming soon so I won’t have time for y’all anymore) so I figured, why not just blog and gist y’all about my adventures in Canada the two times I went there. Misbehaving In … Continue reading My Misadventures In Canada

How I Almost Got Catfished

Hey guys! So, I was honestly undecided as to what I would use as my header for today's post since it all happened so fast. I didn't know whether to use this Since I was on the verge of getting catfished but Jesus had my back. Or whether to use this Since this babe thought … Continue reading How I Almost Got Catfished

Funniest Thing I’ve Heard During Sex

So today’s blog post, being post number 100 and also a post after 100,000 views was supposed to be quite special, and I actually had it all planned. I played a late (but quite nasty) April fool’s joke on my parents. You know those kinda “jokes” you tell that aren’t jokes, but you contextualize them … Continue reading Funniest Thing I’ve Heard During Sex

I Know I’m Stupid, But I’m Not THAT Stupid

Hopefully the header of this post gives you an apt description of my reaction to the shit that I was reading (which you'll learn about at the end of the blog post. Like fam, I might be stupid, but c'mon son. Now some of you might have heard a bit about this story on my … Continue reading I Know I’m Stupid, But I’m Not THAT Stupid

My (almost) First Time Doing Anal

Hey guys! So I know I’ve been slightly absent for a while, and I apologize. I was hoping to finish making my post for my fictional erotica blog and then post an excerpt from it here, before I’d have gone ahead to update this blog. But knowing the savages y’all are, you’ll probably see me … Continue reading My (almost) First Time Doing Anal

Since Everyone’s Eating Ass…

I might as well just share the story of my first time with the booty. Don't judge me, y'all eat random stuff like frog legs, snakes, dogs, amala, and all of a sudden you can't eat the booty? I think the problem most of y'all face is that you don't realize that ass eating focuses … Continue reading Since Everyone’s Eating Ass…

What I Did For Valentine’s Day

Frankly, I feel like my featured image is basically what most of you are saying as you read this, but I don't care. I figured enough time had elapsed for me to tell you about how I spent my Valentine’s Day. In my last post, I remember telling y’all to check out my fictional erotica … Continue reading What I Did For Valentine’s Day