My Banterful Life: Chapter III

So I got lazy with telling you the hobo stories, but it was starting to get too long anyways, so I decided not to bother myself with completing it. I still some more tales of myself and hobos having altercations, but I’ll save that for a future time.

For today, I’ve decided to keep it quite simple. I’m just gonna be telling you about some quirky things I learned about myself this summer. Need to use my weekend to relax and have a swell time. Besides, I’m trying to make sure y’all have a good understanding of me.


My Banterful Life: Summer Edition Chapter 3 (Me)

I’m generally a very hyper person who just seems to live the extroverted life we all seem to know so well. However, over the summer, I discovered certain things about me that I guess I’d share since I didn’t really know I did them until I actually paid attention to them.


Mute TV

While I still lived with my brother in South San Francisco, a friend of mine pointed this new habit of mine out. Every now and then while watching TV (usually cartoons), I turn off the sound (usually because I’m trying to watch a Twitter/YouTube video). After I’m done watching my video, I go back to watching TV…
…but the sound remains off.

And it doesn’t bother me in the least bit. I actually find watching TV like this to be oddly soothing.

You’re probably looking at this post right now like
mayeb However, I’ll say, don’t knock it until you try it.

It’s actually not that bad. I’m usually just watching old episodes of Family Guy/American Dad/anything on Adult Swim and there’s no sound. I can’t really explain what it is. There’s just this je ne sais quoi about it all. Just try it.



Unless I’m taking a shower or I can’t find my socks I use when wearing Toms, I never take off my socks.
Be it before I sleep, during sleep time, sex, anything that doesn’t involve water/Toms means that my socks will remain on my feet.

I’m kinda insecure about my feet because I have a soccer player’s feet. If you’ve seen the toenails of someone who plays soccer, you’ll kinda understand why I’m insecure.


Food Boredom

Now I don’t think this is as uncommon as the two I mentioned, but thanks to being broke, homelessness, and just life in general, I become bored of food way more often than usual (and that’s affecting my diet a bit. Just a bit though).

I could basically be having rice, and I wolf as much of the rice as I possibly can. Then, a few minutes later, I become conscious of me chewing my rice or eating a piece of meat. After this consciousness awakening is timing. I start (mentally) timing myself to find out how long it takes me to chew my rice and every time I reach this stage, my chew time is always too long. And once I reach this point, I’m disinterested in the food.



When I’m upset or irritated, depending on the environment, I usually resort to cleaning. If you kinda know me, you’ll know how upset I am based off of how I clean and according to the intensity. I usually just start scrubbing floors and throwing clothes and stuff on the floor so I can fold them again. Initially, I’m vexed, but after a while I’m like
I likeUno mas!
Y’all might think I’m crazy, but try channeling your anger into washing plates. I know this sounds like every African parents wet dream of an ideal African child. One who will clean at any time.
Just try it anyways. Your initial anger will be met by eventual fatigue since you’ve cleaned so much, which would eventually lead to you taking a shower and going to bed. Sometimes, mid clean, your good mood comes back and you’re like



This, among other things are part of the shit I do on a daily. Anyways, follow @TheOiz & @AboutUseful and have a lovely one y’all

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