My (almost) First Time Doing Anal

Hey guys! So I know I’ve been slightly absent for a while, and I apologize. I was hoping to finish making my post for my fictional erotica blog and then post an excerpt from it here, before I’d have gone ahead to update this blog. But knowing the savages y’all are, you’ll probably see me post a link to a new blog post for my fictional erotica blog and once I come in with the link y’all just go
like a boss Then when I start asking for your views about the post you’ll be like
i didn't read

Anyways, so many things have been happening to me recently, but just because I’ve been lazy to update the other blog, I haven’t told y’all about what’s been popping in my life. So lemme fill you in on what went down…
about a week agoBeen waiting to use that.

Moving on, after my first two classes on Monday, my professor for my final class made my day. As we all know, there’s only one thing a professor can say to make your day as a student
2015-03-13 21_37_19-Ovbioise Emmanuel Ojeomogha - Outlook Web AppI was quite happy as hell since it’s a three hour class and I honestly just wasn’t ready to deal with the class. So I decided to use that time to hangout with a chic in my class. We’re together in almost all my classes I’m taking this semester, so since I had the day off, she had the day off as well. Now I kinda don’t know if she’s interested in me or maybe she just likes black guys. Idk. She’s a pretty white girl who likes (or just tolerates) me. We talked, flirted a bit, and somehow, I managed to convince this babe to come over to the apartment and spend the rest of the day at my side.

Now I don’t have game or anything. But I’ll give you a secret. White girls have this thing for assplay.
Yeah, I said it. And y’all know how I feel about booty. Funny thing about that story is that, I actually didn’t have anal with her. She just liked having the booty eaten.
Anyways, my flirting with the babe was just alright, but the minute we started talking about ass, she was sold. The conversation went like
analBy the time homegirl learned I was about that life, we were all set. We got on a bus and started heading in my direction.

I’d like to mention that the whole apartment complex looks a bit weird since it’s been painted, so everyone’s windows (mine inclusive) looks like this

WP_20150313_08_38_55_Pro WP_20150313_08_39_05_Pro WP_20150313_09_24_18_Pro (1)Fast forward to the light chitter chatter and we got down to business. There I was, on the couch, debating on how I’d get this white girl. Now I know she’s kinda interested in me (hence following me home), but did she wanna bang? I didn’t know. Cus I’ve known girls who play flirt and won’t mind going to your place, but just because they were play flirting, doesn’t actually mean they want the D. And I wasn’t going to lose it all after coming so far, so I decided to just make out with her on the couch and if things get intense, I might start touching her.

So I leaned in and went for the kiss.
She responded.
We were finally in business.

Now I don’t mean to come off as negative (cus she was a great kisser) but making out with white people is quite stressful. We were supposed to be kissing, but I was the only one actually doing the kissing, because her lips were nowhere to be found. They were so tiny, that I had to lean in so much, I was basically jamming my face into her face.
Thankfully, she was smart and noticed my struggle, so she guided my hand
promise landFrom that point on, things got intense, and then I could see she was getting serious, so I scooped her to the bedroom and we messed around even further. I whipped out the magic stick and she gasped.
its timeI was feeling myself.

After timely foreplay and some (if I do say so myself) sublime head on my part, I set out to give her.
Started off slow and remained in that tempo for a while.
After a while of going slow and she had adjusted to my equipment, I could tell she wanted me to go faster, but I knew what I was doing. I lulled her into a false sense of chill…
boomshakalakaShe screamed and then I went all beast mode and shit. Flipped her around and decided it was time to go all doggy. She told me to stick it in the butt.

I had been preparing for this moment my whole life yunno. First time I’ll be giving someone anal.

After sprinkling some lube all over there and toying with it a little, I slowly started lowering myself into her. Just as I was making headway, homegirl did like she was convulsing and shit
plantain has finished

I immediately started apologizing for hurting her and stuff, when I saw her pointing to the window in my bedroom.
Initially, I saw nothing. But as I walked towards the window and cocked my head to the side, I found myself staring at an unapologetic painter. I put on this serious face, hoping my eyes could explain to him the chance of a lifetime he had soiled for me, and dude just lowered himself with his machine while looking at me like
deal with itI was irritated, and so was she. There wasn’t much to do afterwards and even though she was still in the mood, she didn’t want to do anything since she felt like she was gonna be watched. We sat in silence awkwardly before she finally left.

Yeah, it’s a pathetic life I live. But it is what it is I guess. I didn’t want to challenge the painter since it was useless. Nothing from our altercation would bring that booty back. So I just let it go.
Anyways, follow @TheOiz & @AboutUseful and have an awesome day!

So, I dunno why I’m showing you this, but anyways, I forgot to add this picture as part of the post to let y’all know about how I knew about the painting (asides seeing random painters in the building)

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