What I Did For Valentine’s Day

Frankly, I feel like my featured image is basically what most of you are saying as you read this, but I don’t care. I figured enough time had elapsed for me to tell you about how I spent my Valentine’s Day. In my last post, I remember telling y’all to check out my fictional erotica blog but I’m 200% most of you saw me say that and were like
didn't readAnyways, my Valentine’s weekend was actually pretty chill. The Thursday before Valentine’s, my brothers went off to Vegas for the whole weekend. Which meant I had a free house. A whole apartment to myself. Best believe I had plans to put that house to use
Body is ready Did a shit ton of homework and tried texting some prospective females with hopes that one of them would answer me and spend the weekend with me yunno. Nobody answered

born to feelWhile I was using my Friday evening to lament, I got a text from a female I had a thing with. Immediately I saw the body of the text, I was like
awww yeahhhhhThen when I looked up and peeped the name, remembering all her issues and stress she likes to give everyone she comes in contact with, I had to act fast.

exesBabe tried talking, teasing finally got upset that I didn’t want to answer her. After finally getting frustrated and upset, the insults started to rain. In reality, I just laughed it off and muted her from her phone. But mentally, as she was throwing her jabs, I was all like
f uNeedless to say, I spent Valentine’s Day alone. And frankly, I wasn’t really bothered. It’s been a long while, but I’ve come to accept facts ever since I was watching Lord of The Rings and I heard Gollum speaking at a particular moment, and I felt like he was speaking directly to my soul. Thankfully, we have it in gif form now. So here’s what he said
nobody likes youWhen he said so, I immediately knew he was speaking to me.

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day of 2015 and I spent it binge watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion. I’ll basically say that if you loved/liked Death Note, then by all means you’re gonna love Code Geass. I would know since I watched 25 episodes from Friday evening to Saturday evening. By evening time, I realized I hadn’t actually done anything social per se, so I looked on Twitter and saw the usual shit on Valentine’s Day, people being mushy, showing off gifts their bae’s got for them, etc. I had already made up my mind that after retweeting a few things here and there, my social contribution for the day would be done. However, I remembered that my dad had sent me some money (and I had some change) the previous day, so I decided to make someone’s day.

Long story short, I went downtown, spotted a hobo, bought him lunch and we just talked really. It was quite fun talking to this middle aged man, asking him a few questions about the daily grind and hustle, etc. He also seemed fascinated that I was actually just talking to him and treating him super nice.
I just personally feel like if you’re in a position to lend a helping hand, why not stretch out that hand to people who need help yunno?

He broke down after I wished him a Happy Valentine’s Day. We talked some more and I remember leaving with him smiling, crying, and blessing me and stuff.

Went back home and returned binge watching my anime, when a friend texted me hours later that there was a pillow fight downtown. I would’ve gone, but eh, too comfy at that moment, and I had just come from there. I’m sure y’all saw that shit on your snapchat. Well, it was taking place in San Francisco. My side of town. Needless to say, this was still my favorite picture
fightAnyways follow @TheOiz & @AboutUseful and have a nice day.

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