My Pepper Spray Experience

Hey Guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, and it feels like I only update it ceremonially, giving flimsy excuses as to why it hasn’t been updated. This time around, I DO have a legit reason as to why I didn’t update my blog recently. And I also like white girls a lot less now. I’ll use this post to explain this to you.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it feels what it feels like to be maced, or have pepper spray in your eyes, I’ll help you out with today’s post.


My Experience With Pepper Spray

This happened on Wednesday.

I woke up super tired and a few minutes after 6 because I stayed up the previous day, doing a shitload of homework, and by the time I went to bed, it was like 3AM, and I had to wake up 6AM to get ready for my 8AM class. I was still too groggy to get up from bed, and decided to lay there until 6:30. I mentally decided to go take a shower by 6:30.

Once it was 6:30, a miracle happened.

My roomie, one who doesn’t wake up early at all, he who is not a morning person, struts to the bathroom and goes to take a shower. Initially, I thought he was just gonna go take a leak. I didn’t know he was actually gonna go take a shower. Either ways, it meant more resting time for me, so I just decided to relax. The only drawback of his early shower will mean less shower time for me anyways, so I wasn’t too bothered, and waited for 20 minutes until this guy was done. Once he came into the room, I decided I was gonna stand up to go take a shower, when all of a sudden

Another roommate went to take a shower.

At that point in time, I was like,


Cus I knew that meant if I wanted to get to my first class, then I wasn’t gonna shower that morning.

Now, lemme bring y’all into my world. I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with 3 girls, a guy (my roomie) and myself. The girls have one bathroom, and the guys have one bathroom. However, when it comes to using water, there’s a bit of an issue. If someone is using the bathroom on one end, and someone else wants to use water from a sink in the kitchen, or wants to take a shower, it’ll be impossible for the two of you, because the water levels will reduce in both locations until it reaches an equilibrium, which will probably be too low for either of you to take a shower. So when one person takes a shower, the rest of the house has to wait. Also, depending on how long and how hot a person’s shower is, the next person who’s gonna go take a shower has to shower with cold water. There’s no way I’m showering with cold water.

However, I decided to wait it out and hope that maybe, just maybe, she won’t take too long and I might have some time to take a shower and I’d survive. Truly truly, she didn’t spend too long in the shower, and in under 10 minutes, she was done.

Ordinarily, you’d expect me to rush to the shower and start taking a shower now, but I had to wait for a few minutes. I chose to wait for 10 minutes to be exact. It was too cold to be taking cold showers. So I stayed huddled under my blanket for 9 minutes, and in the final minute, I started to undress, grabbing all my toiletries before trying to head for the bathroom.

Again, another housemate went into the bathroom. At that point, I became too irritated. It was already 7:30 at this point. Just went back to bed, and went to sleep some minutes before 8.

The sleep did me some good anyways, and I woke up 3 hours later, met no one at home, and on getting to the shower, everything was still hot. Putting the morning behind me, I decided to do my best to have a positive outlook for the rest of the day. Dressed up and actually felt good about myself. I actually looked good.

looking good

Emailed my professor telling her I was sick while moving to school for my other classes. She has no reason to believe me. But when you’re getting good grades in a class, you kinda have a leg to stand on. Anyways, school for the rest of the day was just meh. Nothing really interesting. It was just a long tiring experience.

The turning point of my day started on the bus back home.

Getting into the bus, I was too tired to be standing up, so I looked at the front of the bus and back, before finding a space at the back of the bus, where one hobo looking dude only sat on one, of the 5 seats. So moving towards his direction, I sat at the edge of the backseat, while the hobo sat in the middle. I was so tired, that once I sat down, I slumped forward, resting my head on the back of the seat in front of me, taking care not to sleep on top of the hair of the girl in front of me. Her hair smelled great anyways. Smelled like Head and Shoulders Green Apple. I’ll know cus I use it. Anyways, I was enjoying the smell of her hair, and my resting period until something struck me as odd. There were more people standing up, than there were people sitting down. I became suspicious


As I sat upright, I immediately understood why.

With the girl’s hair out of my face, I could smell the horrible odor that the hobo was emitting. It was really bad. He smelled like sweaty testicles and rotten fart from bad eggs. He smelled so bad, it was quite possible to see the odor he was emitting if you could stare at him long enough for your eyes not to water. What was worse about the situation, was that I couldn’t open the windows as there was no way for me to do so.

Immediately I noticed this, I ducked back to my position and tried sniffing the girl’s hair again. It was a bit helpful, but the smell of the hobo was overwhelming my nose. I tried not to look at him, and turned my face away, while I inhaled as much of the girl’s hair as I possibly could. The new problem however was, the girl started leaning forward more times than she actually relaxed her back on the chair, forcing me to sort of follow her movement so that my lungs could survive the bad smell my nose was experiencing.

The person sitting next to the girl gave me an odd look, and I’m pretty sure she caught me sniffing (I’m sure they were friends) the other girl’s hair. When we locked eyes, I tried to avert her gaze and from the side of my eye, I saw the hobo dip his hands inside his shorts and seemed to be scratching his balls, judging by the movement of his hands. I immediately wished I didn’t see that. During the time I averted my gaze, the girl who was formerly looking at me, seemed to be telling the girl who’s hair I was inhaling, something, but I paid no attention to it.

I should have paid attention, because the next few minutes happened in a blur.

When I turned my head the other way to avoid looking at the hobo, I took in a deep breath of this girl’s hair, and when I looked at the window, I saw the girl looking right at me. Her lips contorted in surprise, before rage, and before I could react, she brought out something that looked like a mini fire extinguisher, and by the time my brain processed that it was pepper spray, I was too late.

She shot the contents of the can into my eyes which were opened wide with surprise.

I don’t think any gif explains how I reacted, but the last few seconds of this gif do the trick.

finding the perfect gif

Man I went ape shit because the shit BURNED.

That shit felt like hell fire in only one eye.

That shit burned worse than tossing iodine on an open fresh wound.
It felt like someone just cut fresh onions, removed all the juices, and splashed the contents in your eyes while tossing sand in your eyes.

That shit burned worse than the time I tossed my hand into the fire from the gas cooker because I thought it’d be the same thing as tossing your hand in a candlelit flame.

It was ridiculously painful and irritating to my skin.

I screamed while closing my eyes, tears streaming down my face. I did scream at her asking what the fuck that was for, before the person sitting next to her accused me of being a creep. At that moment, I didn’t understand what she was talking about. Or WHY she was talking in the first place. Then the girl went on to point out that I’d been creepily sniffing the other girl’s hair. The pain in my eyes didn’t even let me see her face, if not, I might have even slapped her for talking. Was it her hair I was sniffing? Mucus was beginning to come out of my nose at this moment.

There was so much pain and irritation on my face and around my eyes that out of pain, I blurted out, “Well I was only doing that because the guy next to me stinks!”

I immediately felt bad for what I said, cus when I did manage to open my eyes for a bit, I saw the hobo looking quite sober. And the bus was silent for a while, cus even the bus driver stopped the bus when he heard my initial scream. After about 30 seconds of silence and stares, the girl whose hair I’d been sniffing finally said,

“I don’t give a fuck. You should have known he’d be smelling.” And with that, she got off the bus.

Even without my eyes really open, I could feel all eyes on me on the bus, and I felt very uncomfortable. So as I tried forcing my eyes open for a few seconds, I darted for the bus doors and decided to leave the bus to save face, also because I wouldn’t feel comfy seating on the same row with the hobo after saying what I just did, and the burning wasn’t relenting on my face or eyes.

As I got off the bus, a familiar voice addressed me, and when I opened my eyes a bit, I saw a friend of mine who came with a bottle of water, and helped me wash my face. He empathized with me and helped me wash off my face while trying to soothe me with some words.


He walked me home and by that time, the burning around my eyes weren’t as bad as they were initially. Due to my friend’s instructions, I had to stay awake and leave my eyes opened for some time, while he helped me wash my eyes every other 30 minutes. Afterwards, I managed to go to sleep, before waking up, feeling a bit better.


Anyways, that’s what happened. Really wasn’t a funny experience at all. I’m better now though thank goodness. Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day.

4 thoughts on “My Pepper Spray Experience

  1. Did you get in touch with the police? What she did was excessive force, and he’ll you’d be justified if you had a gun and used it given how bad on is.

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