Issalie! Money CAN Buy You Happiness

Money CAN Buy You Happiness

Heyyy guys! I know it’s been a while, almost a month since I last updated this blog, and I apologize in earnest. I’ve been busy with school and stuff, but it’s been a fun week. Also, for The Adventures Of Him And Her, I’m trying to enter it in a competition. It doesn’t require any of you voting, but I would appreciate it if you read the new post that will be out later today. Enough about me tho! How are you guys? Been good? Did you guys watch the Oscars? Yeah, I’m not gonna start talking about how bad I felt for Leo, and all those other recycled Leo jokes and what not, but I really feel for the man. It’s been 5 nominations now, and still no Oscar. It’s really not funny. I personally think that as an actor, it must take a great deal of professionalism to not act like this, when people ask you why you haven’t gotten an Oscar yet.

shut upAnyways, over the past few weeks, I’ve been living my life as economically as possible. That is to say, I’ve been quite broke, but I’ve learned how to adapt. Times have been rough, but I’ve persevered. I didn’t realize how sad I’ve been over the past couple of weeks, until my dad called me and told me to “Check my account”. I immediately dropped all I was doing and logged into my account, and within minutes, this was me.

yaySo to the person who said, “Money can’t buy you happiness”

fuck off

As a student, all the happiness I need in life resides with the amount of money I have at the moment. Sure money can’t buy me good grades, a girlfriend, or any of those things which y’all believe can make one happy. But there’s one thing I know money can do…and that’s letting you pick your kind of misery. And as a student, I’m only miserable when I’m not doing well in school, can’t go out with friends for lack of funds, or when I’m hungry. And what’s the solution to all these miseries? MONAYYYY! So I’m just gonna tackle some of the random misconceptions about what money can and cannot buy.



1.            Money Can Buy You A Clock, But Not Time

Didn’t mean to sidetrack y’all with the youtube video. The part I wanted to get at was in the sixth second where he was shouting “Issalie!” Issalie because it is a contradictory statement on its own.

Time = money.

So irrespective of what someone says, whether they’re saying it literally, or metaphorically, money does not need to buy you time because money IS time.

Imagine being late for your flight and on getting there, your plane has taken off. Can you rewind time and make the plane come back? Nope. But can you buy a ticket to take the next flight? If you’re rich enough yeah.

Besides, we’re only attacking this from a student perspective. So as a student, money cannot bring back the time you might have wasted oversleeping. But money can surely get you a cab, which can get you to school faster than a bus would, making you get there in time to take your exam. Money won’t be able to bring back the time which would be necessary to do your assignments, but money can be given to someone to help you do your assignments, especially when you’re lagging behind. Don’t think you can do that if you were broke. So you mad?

Deal With It

2.            Money Can Buy You A Bed, But Not Sleep

Um, I don’t know about you guys, but if you’ve ever slept in one of them Tempurpedic beds, any stress you’ve been feeling, it’ll all pass away, and you’ll be able to sleep. Even though you might have sleep disorders, they can be for your benefit. As a student with money, when you can’t sleep, you can buy a Netflix subscription and watch Scandal or House of Cards. And I don’t know about you, but if I can’t sleep, I’m pretty sure Netflix is the next best thing. If not Netflix, then food! FOOOOOOD! I cannot stress how important this is.

Most of the money I receive doesn’t go to buying clothes, textbooks, or anything of the sorts. It really just goes to food. Once there’s food in my system, this is how my brain gets up.

food is ready

3.            Money Can Buy A House, But Not A Home

Um, I really don’t know about you guys, but since I’m still a student, there’s no place I’ll call “Home” unless my parents live there. Besides, my parents didn’t send me to school to find a home, they sent me to face my studies. But with a good amount of money, I can afford a good room in the apartment for myself, and I can either choose to have roommates or live alone.

Honestly, I don’t mind having roommates. But I know how nice it’ll be for me to have my personal space, and sometimes, just sometimes, I even wish I had a room to myself, especially with my current housemates. Coolest people alive, but sometimes, just sometimes, anytime I come home, this is how I react to some of the things they do.

SighIf I was just a bit richer, I doubt I’d have to contend with them. But I won’t trade em for other people just yet.

Just yet.


4.            Money Can Buy You Sex, But Not Love

First off, I would like to start by saying that my body is a temple for the Lord, and I do not need to soil it with sex. I am for Jesus.

This is how I’ll respond if my parents were reading my blog. But since they aren’t, I’ll just attack this for those of you who wish to catch the girl of your dreams.

Sure, money can’t win the girl you like over, however, when you manage to get that girl, having money helps make the relationship more interesting, and technically, it can buy you sex. I’ll explain.

Imagine if you had a sufficient amount of money, and girls being girls, she mentions what she really likes and wants. Now since you’re financially stable, you won’t mind giving up a few (tens or hundreds of) dollars just to get her that puppy, or dress she’s been talking about. Sure if she’s a gold digger, sex might be her only way to thank you. However, even if she isn’t one, I’m more than sure she won’t just say “Thank You.”

Now imagine that same scenario when you’re broke. Your chic tells you she wants a puppy, and you’re just there nodding, listening in, while looking for some spare change you’ll use to get a good meal on McDonalds’ dollar menu.

I’m not making this post to demean any broke people. I myself am personally broke, and I’ve been in the opposite end of all these scenarios where lots of money is involved. But I also know what it feels like to have money. Sure when I get older, my priorities will change, but at this point in time, money can buy me happiness. So if you want to make me happy, just give me money. You can go wrong with what I like and don’t like, but I’ve never seen a dollar that I didn’t like!

And with that, we’ve come to the end of today’s post! Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day!

One thought on “Issalie! Money CAN Buy You Happiness

  1. There is a scene from the movie boiler room about this and I seem to concur, money does buy happiness. Some form of it anyway. Lol @ body being the temple of God and you wont let sex soil it. Parents reading my blog would be code red and probably instant deletion of said blog. I dont write anything outrageous but I rather avoid awkward convos

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