It’s 2014! And I Don’t Care

Hey guys! Happy New Year! Hope y’all have had an awesome time and you’ve missed me? You can act like you didn’t miss me all you want, but I know how you really feel. I don’t even care.


I honestly don’t have any real thing to blog about. I’d probably have preferred to blog tomorrow seeing as I have to babysit 3 kids under 10 while still trying to maintain my sanity. But after I got some news today, I kinda knew I just had to blog. Remember that girl I told you about, who invited me to go for a party and then I had my worst weekend ever with? Well she’s dead,0,1406154.story#axzz2pAVlonTu

Quite stunning innit. So close to 2014 yet so far away. It was quite random when I heard it and even though she upset me, she was still my friend, so my mind’s been hazy ever since. Anyways, everything happens for a reason sha.

2013 was quite a year for me. Learned a lot. Made mistakes here and there but it’s all good. I think the major highlight of 2013 has to be me having my blog nominated for best humor blog. I was quite salty not to win, but worse things have happened, so I’m at peace.
For the first time also, I made New Year resolutions. Like really made resolutions that have been saved on my phone with alarms to remind me and enforce my new way of life. It’s probably gonna be an annoying time hearing alarms going off every now and then to remind me to do this and that, but hey, discipline must be instilled one way or another.


This isn’t the normal blog post, but I think I’ll try to do this twice a week, every week. So this should be fun I think. Happy new year to new and old readers sha. Follow @TheOiz and have a nice new year

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