Why You Should Let Me Be Your Boyfriend

Hiiiii guysss! So I’m semi happy, semi sad, and fully tired at this moment! Semi happy because my pleas didn’t fall on deaf ears as I got two emails yesterday! Semi sad because I only got TWO emails yesterday. Smh. I’d have thought that y’all would sympathize with me after I begged y’all, but only 2 readers care about me. Sigh. And school’s in session. That’s why I’m tired. Sha sha, I still want to hear your friendzone/curve chronicle, so forward your stories to emmanuelojeomogha@yahoo.com

Anyways, for today’s post, I’m gonna be generous and give you information on how to get a girl! I know! I’m contradicting the blog’s name. Such a hypocrite I am. I know, I know. But I just want to help some single people out there find true love. I’m not single. Taylor Swift and I are happy together. If you have any derogatory opinions about my relationship with Taylor Swift, here’s what you should do.

OpinionsOh, by the way, my uncle saw one old picture of my brothers and I. So from left to right you have Omo the FifaLord, Airende the Swagdaddy (or boxer in this case), Ohis the Eldest Scroll, and me. Now you can finally understand why I was nicknamed “Chubby” as a baby. Airende called me Hammerhead of Horror and I guess I can now see why.

throwbackOne thing I thank God for is my hairline though. Judging from this picture, you’d only give me less than 10 years before you expect me to be bald. Thank God that’s not the case.


Anyways, here’s today’s post! Hope I help a couple of you guys out there! I’m sorry it had to come out as a bunch of pictures instead of a powerpoint. Dunno how to do powerpoints on wordpress, so enjoy my presentation.

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Let Me Be Your Boyfriend

  1. I’d really. Want all that from you but mann::: u and taylor swift already gat something going and I gat something. Going tooo!!! I ♥ the baybee photo::: am surprised u aren’t bald nigga!!!
    And you gata have negativesss!!! No doubt!

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