My First Time Being Curved

Hey Guyss! It’s been a while since I last dropped a post! Last month to be exact. I’m sure you didn’t notice my absence anyways. You can deny it all you want, but y’all are evil. I don’t like you readers at all. I’m really hurt. So before I start today’s post, from the bottom of my heart, to all my readers, I say, Fuck You.

fuck you very very muchRemember how I said that since school was about to resume, and I wouldn’t have had much time to be blogging so y’all should email me your stories so I could do #TheFriendZoneChronicles? Well, it’s simply because of that I was absent. After making my first post, getting positive feedback about it and hearing loads of people saying they’d send me emails, I went to bed early, woke up early, waited till about midday and then rushed to check my emails. My reaction?

ShockIf tumbleweeds could be found in email boxes, there’d have been thousands of them in mine. But I consoled myself and relaxed, thinking the emails would start flooding in later in the day. And so I began to wait. Minutes turned to Hours. Hours turned to Days. Days turned into a Week. One full week of email checking and disappointment. After it reached 7 days, I just gently turned off the computer, went straight to my room, and got on my bed.

try not to cryI’m back now from my bed, and ready to continue my blogging life. If you still want to send me an email about your friendzone chronicle, you can email me

Also #TheAdventuresOfHimAndHer was updated on Saturday. If you didn’t get to see the latest post, well here’s the link. You’ll also want to check on it this Friday, as there shall be a new series! Remember how I also mentioned I was gonna be on a third blog and what not? Well, I finally made my first post on it, so you should check out my article. With that being said, let’s just get on with today’s brief post.


My First Time Being Curved

I was seriously contemplating on calling this #CurveChronicles, but I just chose not to push it, seeing how the last chronicle was shortlived. Anyways, I’ll still give it a shot. So if you have any friendzone/curve story you’ll like to share, just email me.

The first time I ever got curved was back in elementary school…and boy was that curve mighty. I can’t really remember some details of it, but I’ll tell you most of what I can remember. If I can’t remember it well, I’ll put the alternative guess in brackets. K? Cool.

So back in elementary school, I was (and still am) a very good kid. I’d get good grades, found favor in the eyes of my teachers, and was a toast among my classmates. I believe it was because of these qualities (and the fact that my parents paid money for it) that I was chosen, along with some other students, to go out of school for an excursion (or a competition. Can’t really remember). The excursion (or competition) was to be covered by NTA & Bournvita. I was really excited, because I felt privileged going out of school and I was gonna make sure I got myself on TV! You could imagine how restless and talkative I was about the D Day till it finally came!

The excursion day finally came and we were all lined up according to our classes and we were made to remain in that order for the rest of the day. I was in the 3rd grade at that time, so I was made to seat in the middle area of the bus, along with the rest of my classmates. The bus trip to the venue wasn’t too bad, as my I sat beside my best friend and his junior sister (not my first kiss, but my other best friend’s junior sister. My first kiss and her brother weren’t students in my school then). My best friend and I talked about wrestling till we got tired, then I started talking with his sister.

I can’t remember much of what happened when we got to the venue of the excursion, but I do remember that a lot of other students from different schools were there, and we ended up interacting with the students from different schools. There was a certain girl I spoke to, that I seemed to take a fancy to. She was really pretty, and had a nice voice, and the way she spoke was very intelligent. I wasn’t gonna let such a prospective young girl pass me by and so I started trying to woo her. I think I was trying a little too hard because a friend of mine was watching me dutifully embarrass myself just because of this girl. I mean, they gave us snacks (meat pie, donut, and a drink which was Bournvita) and I gave it all to her. My best friend saw me and he was like

 what the f

But I was blinded by her beauty and all that came with it. I just shrugged him off and continued to ogle at her glorious face. I told him he was jealous and ignored him.

I remember that when the program came to an end, the hosts told the teachers of each school to pick some of their students to come and talk about the program, what they liked about it, (and say something good about Bournvita) while they were being interviewed by NTA. I was one of the students they picked. So was she.

As I was told I was gonna be one of the students to talk, I had already planned out my speech and in one part of my speech, I was planning to say, “I liked the program, Bournvita, and her *pointing at the girl*”. Thankfully, God was on my side that day to spare me the embarrassment of doing such.

Something randomly just made me go and talk to her for the last time and try to get her house phone number so I could call her when I got home. When I walked up to her, she was in the midst of her schoolmates and her teacher. I ignored all of them, went up to her and said

“It was nice talking to you. I really had fun today. What’s your phone number?”

“I don’t have a phone.” She said.

“Your HOUSE phone number I mean.” Trying to correct myself.

“I don’t remember.” Was her reply.

“, okay.”

There was an awkward silence for a minute, and then I just randomly blurted out
“I like you.”

All the guys and girls in her school who were watching me started laughing and all, while her teacher just watched me, saying nothing.

Her reply?
“Thanks.” Stone cold faced reply too.

“You’re welcome.” If I had ended it here, all would have been well. But sadly, I didn’t end it with “You’re welcome.” I went further ahead to ask…

“Do you like me too?”


devastationThat’s all I could do.

At that point, the teacher finally intervened and pulled her away and told her to go and do her interview. As the teacher was pulling her away, she then walked up to me and said these exact words. I shit you not when she said this and walked away.

“Don’t feel bad. You weren’t on her level anyways. Deal with it.”

Deal With It

All I finally remember was holding back the tears as I did my interview, scrapping away the “I like her” part from my speech, and I got home sober.


And that’s the first time I ever got curved. If you enjoyed the blog post with other blog posts, please remember to subscribe so you never miss out on any post! I know I might have dissed y’all earlier on in the post, but I’d really like to read someone else’s curve/friendzone chronicle so please, email me 😦


That being said, follow @TheOiz and have an awesome day!

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