My First Beating (From Dad)

Hey Guyss! Well there’s no time for salutations and shit. I just finished packing my stuff and I’ll soon be off to San Francisco in a few. So let’s just get into today’s post!


My First Beating From Dad

My dad is a really chill man though! That’s where I get my patience and tolerance with people from. My Dad! However, when I was much younger, Airende was always the one getting on his nerves. Airende, as I told you about my brothers, was (and still is) pretty adventurous. He would sneak out of the house, play with friends and come back to meet my mum and dad waiting for him. My dad used to have a special cane he kept behind the door of his room. Sigh. Memories.

What usually happens is Airende/whoever was gonna get beaten, would meet my mum in the kitchen, cooking. She would look at you who’s about to be flogged, shake her head, and say “Your father is waiting for you in the room. Go and greet him.” Whenever you heard those words, you knew you were gonna get the beating of your life. Usually, when I was the offender, I’d just walk into the room, see him with his cane in hand, have “The Talk” with him (a talk which made me feel so guilty, I’d start crying), take my beating without a struggle and leave. With Airende, he’d go in the room, meet my dad with the cane, they’d talk, my dad would try to beat him, but he’d run away, so my dad would let him run. Then send him out, few minutes later, send for him again, and when Airende would see my dad again at the front of the door, he’d have no cane in hand and Airende would be deceived into thinking he wasn’t gonna be flogged. As soon as he’d step into the room, dad would lock the door behind him, brandish the cane, and the whoop ass begins. Dad would usually just give you like 4 – 8 whips of the belt and it’s over. Mum though? Depending on the gravity of your offence, your beating ranges from just a slap, to the kinda beating where she’ll beat you till she’s tired and sweating, seat down, tell YOU to get something and fan her, then she’d restart the beating again when she’s feeling refreshed.

Anyways! Today’s story isn’t gonna be about anyone getting whipped severely! I was still pretty young when this happened, so I didn’t get whipped too much, but I did get lashed by my dad for the first time.

It happened when we were at home in VGC. My mum had gone out to the market with my brothers, but my dad had a free day off. So it was just my dad, me, and the house help, Barry. Now Barry was a very nice guy. Chill, didn’t speak very good English, but he was really nice. I think he was just working for us to earn a few bucks for a while, cus he left us after a month for school reasons I believe.

So on this day, in the afternoon, Barry made Eba (pronounced Eh Ba). Now as a child, and even till date, I had an affinity for eba. Eba and I were like water and oil, we didn’t mix. As a child, I used to eat eba, but it usually involved my mum either shouting on me till I ate it, talking to me sweetly and promising me things she’d get me ONLY if I ate it, or she’d trick me to eat it. Her tricks usually went like this

tricksThe Kit Kat was plantain in my case.

Anyways, on this day, mum wasn’t around. It was just my dad and I. My dad had no idea that my mum usually had to trick me into eating eba. He just thought I liked eba, so he told Barry to make eba without my knowledge. So when my dad called me to come down to the dinner table and eat, I got excited! However, when I got on the table and Barry served me eba, I was like

Seriously I wasn’t gonna eat that! So I told him that I wasn’t gonna eat it, and that he should make me some Indomie instead. Barry began to laugh and tried to start acting like my mum and started calling me “Chubby” (my childhood nickname). He was like “Chubby boyyyyyy! Eat you eba! I’ll make indomie for you afterwards if you eat!” I then got angry that he was trying to mimic my mum and also cus he was calling me chubby so I said, (and I didn’t mean it negatively. I was just too young to understand that those words weren’t something I should’ve said) “Stop slave! Give me indomie now! I am your master!”

My dad had been watching our ordeal go on, but immediately he heard me say that, he was like

disgusted He stood up, shouted at me for uttering such hideous words and told me to eat the food. It was my first time I had ever made my dad angry, but I was also upset that he was on Barry’s side and not mine, so I ate in anger. Barry was now laughing, and I told him to shut up! That only worsened my situation, and my dad ordered me to go up to his room. After washing my plates and all, I went to his room. He got there a few minutes later and brandished his belt. Since it was my first time he was gonna beat me, I was scurrying over the room, begging him not to beat me

Pee He still beat me either ways. 4 whips of the belt on my hand. And it hurt me. It hurt me that my dad flogged me, and also that my dad was taking sides with Barry but not me. After he was done, I cried myself to sleep and went to bed, only to be awakened by my mum telling me to come and eat dinner with everyone else. I came downstairs to eat, but I didn’t eat. I really wanted to eat, since dinner was rice, plantain, chicken and stew! However, I just sat down at the table, still angry at my dad for beating me and siding with Barry. I sat down there, stared at my dad, and refused to eat EVEN THOUGH everyone could hear my stomach growling. My mum was still being sweet to me, begging me to eat. Dad got irritated by my behavior and told my mum to leave me alone, and when I’m really hungry, I’ll eat. Airende on the other hand, decided to provoke me. On hearing my hungry stomach and watching me be a young rebel, he did this

Tease At least now you guys see why Airende and I never got along!

Sha sha, that’s today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it! Sorry I didn’t elaborate more on some parts! Wish me a safe trip to San Francisco! Follow @TheOiz and have an awesome day!

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