Nigerian Superstitions

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Famous Nigerian Superstitions

Being Nigerian, one thing you’re made to know right from early childhood, is that we are not alone on this earth. There are spirits and other non human beings that walk the face of this earth with us. However, the way these “Non Earth-type Beings” are portrayed on television, they pretty much look like humans in lots of powder to me or vice versa

 I'm confused

In reality, majority of the superstitions we have are usually to try to deter us from doing something, but some of the consequences of the superstitions are just tooooooo far fetched. Here are some of the most famous and most ridiculous superstitions I’ve ever heard.


1.     Do Not Allow Someone To Jump Over You Or Else Your Future Babies Are Gonna Resemble The Person Who Jumped Over You.

Even as a child, when I heard this, I immediately called Bullshit on that one. It just didn’t seem to strike me as something that was possible. I did have some friends who were overly superstitious, who, if they knew I had jumped/walked over their body, they would not let me go anywhere till I walked back over their body. Sigh, see what Africa Magic has caused? Oh well.

I’m yet to understand the real reason behind the consequence of this superstition.


2.    Do Not Beat Any Male Person With A Broom Unless Their Penis Would Disappear.

This was another superstition whose origin of its consequences confuse the living daylights outta me! The first time I ever heard this superstition, I was in my village high school. Scratch that.. Almost all the superstitions I know was simply because of that high school.

At first, when I heard this superstition, I laughed till I almost cried. I was happy such a superstition existed though! I’d rather be flogged with a belt or cane than a broom. Do you know where the broom has been? What it has touched? Soo unsanitary! But yeah, I’m also still puzzled about this supserstition as there’s no correlation to being beaten with a broom and penis Houdini.

Ha, see what I did there with that last sentence? Penis Houdini? Cus Houdini was a famous escape artist who was good at esc…Nvm. Y’all never get any of my jokes anyways. I’m soo done with you guys.

I'm Out


3.    If You Spit On The Floor And Someone Steps On Your Spit, You Would Have Sore Throat.

Unless this superstition was a thing of the mind, it’s actually happened to me in reality before. The first time I heard this superstition, I laughed hard again, and deliberately decided to put it to the test by spitting on the floor. Then I dared someone to step on it. I was told that it had to be someone who didn’t know I had just spat on the floor. Fortunately, I saw someone walking by and, by carefully guiding his footsteps, I made him step on my spit. Yeah, I know it’s pretty gross, but by the morning of the next day, my throat hurt me a little bit!

I’m guessing it’s more of mind over matter since I sorta believed them when they told me about the superstition. In reality, I’m pretty sure the superstition was just made to make people clean up after they spit somewhere.


3.    If You Steal The Mat Of A Bush Baby And Hide It For Seven Days, You’ll Become Rich.

First of all, how many of you have REALLY come across a bush baby? I still think bush babies in general, are a myth. For those of you who have no idea whatsoever that I’m talking about, in some Nigerian secondary schools, you hear about some mystical creatures called “Bush Babies”. According to the information I’ve gathered about them, I can tell you that bush babies look like real babies, but they can stand on their legs and run as fast as full blow adults O_O They’re usually found in forests or somewhere random at night, who roam around places with a mat/rug/carpet/something they can lay on, and a big cane. They usually cry and sound just like real human babies. However, if you go to where the crying is coming from and you meet the bush baby, it’ll get out a big cane and flog you. The only time it stops flogging you is when it’s satisfied with beating you, or when you pray/find a way to beat it. That is the myth of the bush baby.

As for the superstition, I’ve heard that some people who are lucky to see a bush baby while it’s sleeping, can try to pry its mat away from it, and then begin to play a game of hide and seek with the baby. If you can hide with its mat, without it spotting you for seven days, you’ll become rich.

Yeah, and unicorns also shit rainbows, and during their spare time, pigs fly. That’s how I felt, and STILL feel, whenever I hear this superstition.


4.    If You Whistle At Night, Snakes Will Hear It And Come Towards You.

I’m pretty sure if this superstition was true, we can fairly conclude that Orochimaru must have been a night time whistler. Which makes even more sense because he was the founder of the Village of Sound.


Growing up made me see a bit of wisdom in this superstition. Just a bit though. Basically, I believe that whoever made this superstition was trying to tell you not to whistle at night lest bad people (hence the term “Snakes”) find you and give you an unfortunate time. If it didn’t mean this, then this superstition makes no sense whatsoever!


5.    If You’re Walking With Someone And Something/Someone Is In The Midst Of Your Path, Both Of You Musn’t Split And Go Separate Ways Unless Thunder Would Strike You.

Before I even comment on this, I just want you to know that this superstition was told to me by one of my friends who used to live in America before he moved to my high school to finish his last 3 years of high school. I know it doesn’t really sound like it makes much sense, but explain a little bit better about it.

The superstition is basically saying that if you and someone are walking side by side, and then some random tree/pole/whatever pops up in front of you, when you want to go past the impediment/random obstacle in front of you, BOTH of you must go past it in the same direction. If your friend wants to pass by the left of the pole, you must also pass by the left of the pole and vice versa. However, nobody must go one way and the other person goes another or else they’ll be struck down by thunder.

If this superstition had a better ending which was something like “Both of You Musn’t Split And Go Separate Ways Unless, You Wouldn’t Have Many Friends In Future.”I might have just believed it and given you a reason as to why I’d think it was soo, but sadly, it didn’t end that way, making this another dumb superstition.


With that, we have come to the end of today’s post! Please feel free to comment on the famous superstitions you know as I’m really curious to hear them! Also, don’t forget to check out my new blog post which is gonna be updated every Friday, starting from today! Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “Nigerian Superstitions

  1. Why we are so superstitious is because we are traditional and believe in voodoo, so these things have happened to people before and they thought its the way it works not knowing otumokpo haff work. The bush baby one is actually very true, but lots of consequences go with it.. Had a friend who suffered it n everyone of my family who went to boarding school saw them. They are just demons, easy

  2. This is so true especiallly the first one like TF is that . Anyways I just heard this one recently If you sleep naked Your spiritual husband or wife will come and have sex with you. Okayy Your blog is nice

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