Just Curious

Curiosity is my main drive for this. I’ll still make today’s post, with all its announcements later today/early tomorrow. As we all know, #TheLast9Posts have come to an end. It was a touching moment, but all good things must come to an end. I also realized that on the last post (As Told By Her), a certain gif looked broken/didn’t pop up. It actually works, so if you didn’t check on what it was, or skipped it because you thought I made a mistake, well here it is.

bye bye


The gif was my answer to those of y’all who were expecting me to extend #TheLast9Posts.
Anyways, I’d really just appreciate it if you could just tell me which was your favorite of #TheLast9Posts by clicking on any one of the options. We’re doing this for science! ^^

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