As Told By Her

Hey guys! How are you doing today? Hope all is well?! Yes? No? Of course everything is not okay! Today marks the end of #TheLast9Posts.


I’m as sad as you are. We’ve had tales of mischiefrevengemindfuckromanceespionagefamilysibling rivalry and frustration. Well it’s been an awesome time posting, but all good things must come to an end. I know y’all wished this theme could continue for a longer period of time. My response to your wishes?

bye bye

Do you think it’s easy to be dropping great posts every single day of the week? Even if it was, I’m not that nice 🙂 Anyhoo, this post marks the end of a good theme! And to end this beautiful theme, I’m gonna be telling you a story that’s I know so well, I feel like I was there when it happened. However, it didn’t happen to me though. It happened to my best friend. But since I’m the story teller, y’all are gonna have to assume I have tits, a vagina, and go to an all girls school! With that being said, let’s get on with today’s post! It’s gonna be another long one! So get your snack, and sit back, relax, and enjoy!


As Told By Her

This story took place during the summer of 2011. The events that happened that day still baffle me. It was like a magic trick…A trick I never saw coming


One random day, as I was relaxing, enjoying my lazy summer vacation, I received a phone call telling me that my close friend fell off a staircase and was lying critically ill in the hospital. I went silent for a long time. The person kept talking, but I couldn’t hear anything. I was in major states of disarray. I really hoped it wasn’t so because I had spoken to her a few hours back and she sounded perfectly fine. I got myself together after a while and after making a few more inquiries about her state, I was told that she would be fine and could call her in a few hours. Those hours were spent on my knees, praying she was gonna be fine. I passed out during one of my prayers.

When I woke up, I ran to get credit and called the hospital she was in to find out how she was doing. They said she was awake and passed the phone on to her. I calmed myself down, and when she got the phone, I greeted her but she didn’t return my greeting. She asked me who I was. I thought it was all jokes, but after further talks and questioning, she still didn’t know who I was. I hung up on her because I didn’t want her to hear me crying. How could she forget me? Amnesia? Nooooo. It couldn’t be. We’d been through too much for her to be having amnesia. I called back again after composing myself and the nurse answered the phone this time, and confirmed my fears about her having amnesia and advised me to just let her be. I cried that night. My summer wasn’t the same anymore. I felt like I had lost a piece of my being. Anyways, the summer holidays trudged on slowly and for the first time, I was actually relieved to resume school. I told a few of my friends about the story and we all shared the pain.

September made me really happy tho! She had come backk!! I was so happy that she was alright and she even said she remembered me! I was glad to have her back! However, there were some notable changes about her when she came back… She had developed an accent, and apparently, she told us she could read minds and predict the future. She also said she could communicate with Jesus. Apparently, when she fell, she had an encounter with Him and He told her that she was “Special” and had “Powers”.  That she was only alive because she had a mission  which was to save the world. When she slept, she didn’t dream like the rest of us…. No. She was in a “Special place” between heaven and earth where she had wings, played the harp and was with Jesus. She was truly special. She used to go into all these trances where, she claimed to be fighting the devil, she looked unconscious but was aware of everything around her. You’re probably reading this now and you’re like


Hey! Don’t blame me for believing her. I was young and stupid, and kinda scared cus of what she said. I loved her like my sister, and I wouldn’t have expected my sister to lie to me.

The weeks that followed made her seem like a celebrity. She would occasionally go into a trance and after waking up from her trance, she would randomly say a girl’s name (usually a friend that I knew) and make “prophecies” about the girl. She would say that God doesn’t approve of what the person is doing and she should change in this manner. She caused many girls to break up with their boyfriends, change their future ambitions, and on one occasion, even made a girl’s dad almost lose his place at work as she had warned the girl that her father was going to die if he got on the company plane to travel to another country for work purposes. The poor scared girl immediately did as she was told. Her reign of prophecies and predictions continued for a long time… That is, until that fateful night.

That night, I was enjoying my beauty sleep which was interrupted by the piercing scream of my roommate!  I heard “Heiiwoooooo! FAYYAAAAAAAAAAA!!” At first, I couldn’t tell if she was pretending to be in Mountain of Fire, or she had burned something. When my eyes fully opened, I saw my close friend sitting in the midst of flames. I was so stunned, I froze again. My brain was having a hard time processing what was happening in front of me. It looked surreal. A scream from someone else jolted me back into reality and I ran to get water and with the help of two other friends, we doused the fire and brought her out of the room safely. After we pulled her out, she started screaming and went into a trance. In her trance, she was supposedly satan, claiming that he wanted to kill her for disrupting his plans and preventing him from killing other people, hence him setting her bed on fire. She then stopped speaking after this. We called the house matrons who rushed to the scene, surveyed the mess and calmed us all down. Suddenly, my friend woke up and made for the room door, but the house matrons prevented her from going into the room or near her mattress.

 The next day, all of us who witnessed the incident had to go to the principal’s office. Right there and then, the truth was revealed. The principal told us that she started the fire by herself. At first, I disagreed with the principal and proceeded to relay the words she said in her last trance as an explanation for what had happened. The principal then showed me the proof. Matches were found in her pillowcase. They went on to explain that she lit her bedsheets on fire and then placed the burning bedsheet round the bed so it wouldn’t burn her, but the bed instead.

I was stunned, hurt, betrayed, flabbargasted, in pain, feeling the treachery etc. I couldn’t still come the fact that she was capable of such.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the previous term, she had hacked into the school system and stolen the examination questions. She was scared of being exposed which was why she faked memory loss. Needless to say, she was expelled.

Anways, that’s basically the whole story! We’re still friends now sha. She acts cool with me and acts as though nothing happens. She even tries to crack jokes with me and I’m like 

not funny

Anyways! That’s it for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed the magical story that happened to my best friend, with me being the story teller! Thank you for reading, follow @TheOiz and have an awesome day!

4 thoughts on “As Told By Her

  1. LOL i think we all have that one friend that makes up the most unbelievable tales and lies about the most bizarre things

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