Tales of My Scars

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! How are you this beautiful day? Hope you’re doing great?! It’s time for the 8th of #TheLast9Posts. Wow! We’ve really come a long way. It’s been fun hasn’t it? 8 stories of mischief, revenge, love, sex, and sibling rivalry. If there was any incest in this, it’d be a Game of Thrones remake.

Anyhoo! Today’s post is gonna be on how I got a scar of mine. It’s gonna be pretty long, so get something you can snack on! Now, please sit back, relax, and enjoy.


My Scarry Tales: The Right Wrist

For those of you who haven’t seen me, I’m far from spotless. As a matter of fact, I have at least a spot on almost every part of my body. Most of the spots were as a result of chicken pox, while others came either due to me being stupid, or just unfortunate. The scar I received on my right arm was just an unfortunate one. Do I regret having the scar? Hell No! I actually see it as a mini trophy tbh.

This story took place in the village I call my high school. The previous day was visiting day, and so my parents and Ohis came to visit me. They came at the right time too…cus I was starving! Once my dad’s car had been spotted, news travelled that they had come to visit me, and many of my seniors, mates, and juniors already had their policeman face on, saying “Don’t forget to settle me o!” Like I owed them anything…Anyhoo, I spotted the car and my once hardened face lit up with joy because I knew their arrival could only mean two things…MONEY & FOOD!! But most importantly…FOOOOOODDDDDDDD! Y’all don’t understand how hungry I was. I had no money, my provisions had finished, and I was just living my life as a broke student, patiently waiting for the term to come to an end.

So I hastened my walking speed until I got to the car. After the usual salutations, my parents told me they had made beans and plantain for me, bought me some more provisions, had 2 loaves of bread for me, and also had some money to give me. I was like

tearss Anyways, I decided to enter the car and wolfed down some of the beans and plantain till I was satisfied. I then rearranged the food so it looked untouched, while my parents laughed at my antics and shook their heads. My joy knew no bounds when my Ohis gave me this book

1001 nights 

I actually started crying at this point. I was reading the book at home, but my parents refused to let me take the book to school because they noticed how attached to the book I was. So when Ohis handed me the book, I was too happy. It’s really an awesome book and I advise y’all to check it out!

I got to the hostel after my parents left and settled as many people as I could. It was at that time, everybody knew my name. I started hiding from people so I could get some privacy. I didn’t care that I was being asked for money/food…all I wanted to do was read my book. However, since there was no electricity that night, and nobody wanted to lend me their torchlight without me giving them some monetary or food exchange, I went to bed angry that night.

Morning time came and with my book in hand, I did my daily chores, got to the dining hall, almost missed breakfast and morning assembly as I was too engrossed in the book. Throughout the day, I kept trying to read the book, but teachers and my classmates kept disturbing me. So I made a resolve not to open the book until afternoon. I had no classes in the afternoon, so I could read the book then. Classes seemed to go on for the longest time, but finally, it was over. I ate my lunch hurriedly and ran to the hostel to go and enjoy my book in solitude.

Just when I thought I would be free, some seniors spotted me in the hostel and started asking me for food and money since they knew that my parents had visited me the previous day. After catering to each and every single senior I could cater to, the whole hostel had come back, and I couldn’t find a quiet and calm place to read anymore. So there I was, waiting for the bell for afternoon classes to ring, while the other people around me were all jumpy and noisy. 

The bell rang sha, and since I was already dressed, I ran to an empty classroom to read. I was barely a page into the book when a teacher spotted me and sent me to help him get him food from the kitchen cooks. I hissed under my breath, and ran along to fulfill his errand. I had gotten his food and was on my way to giving it to him, when a junior told me that the teacher told me to bring his food to the staff room. At this moment, I was livid. The staff room was gonna be filled with teachers who, having nothing to do, and feeling extra lazy at that moment, would probably send me on errands here and there…and boy was I right. On arriving at the staff room, another teacher spotted me and asked that I help her retrieve her purse from the school bus. The whole back and forth thing really had me pissed. If another teacher had sent me on an errand after the female teacher, I would have hissed out loud, not regretting the implications one bit.

Anyways, I was free after answering the second teacher who had sent me on an errand. I settled in the nearest class which, wasn’t empty, but had no teacher in it. I began to read my book and enjoy it. All was well until a guy ran to class and started shouting that the hostel master wanted all boys back to the hostel. At this moment, I finally lost my cool. I had decided that I wasn’t gonna go to the hostel. I was just gonna read my book. The other guys looked at me in astonishment and went to the hostel. The hostel master had to come tell me himself, that he wanted all boys in the hostel. His angry gaze met my angry gaze. I didn’t care why he was angry. I just didn’t understand why no one would let me read in peace.

I finally arrived at the hostel to see the hostel master finally ease up a bit and smile. He told us that the hostel was dirty and he was going to flog every guy in the hostel, five hot strokes. We assumed he was joking, because we didn’t think he’d flog ALL the boys in the hostel. But he did.

A guy actually assumed he was joking and walked up to him with his hand stretched out, and the man began to flog this guy. After the hostel master was done with the dude, he asked someone else to step forward. Everyone became jumpy except me. I just wanted to read my book. This is how the whole scene looked

even more pissed I really didn’t give a damn. I just wanted to read and so after he asked that someone step forward, I wasted no time in getting in front of him and stretching out my palm. Boys in the back started hailing me! Sigh… Since I was really pissed, I didn’t take notice that he had actually flogged me 3 times on my palm. People started chanting “Duster! Duster!! Duster!!!” Some chanted “Odeshi!” with every stroke of the cane. Even the teacher laughed and said I was dusting his cane after the 4th stroke. His fifth and final stroke however, landed on my wrist. It wasn’t a mistake. He DELIBERATELY flogged me there and I walked away after he gave this stroke like it was nothing. Problem was, I actually felt that last stroke of cane. A LOT. When I looked at my palm, I discovered that it had turned purple and it was numb. It then dawned on me that the first 4 strokes he gave me on my palm reddened it, and the last stroke that landed on my wrist, numbed my hand and stopped the blood flow. I also discovered that I was bleeding on my wrist. At the end of the day, I ended up with this scar



Was I upset? Yup. Since my hand had to be treated, I couldn’t read my novel until the next day in the school clinic! Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post! Follow @TheOiz and have an awesome day!!

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