Airende And I

Heyy guyysss! How are ya doing? Hope you’re doing great?! Cus I am! I’m just making this post cus I forgot to tell you about one more famous story about Airende and I. This is going to be the 7th of #TheLast9Posts. I’d have just made the story as an extra post for today, but y’all need to remember that I’m a student in summer school. I have a test tomorrow. So please bear with me.


Airende & I: The Extended Version


Since I don’t have any pictures of Airende and myself, I’ll just give you a picture of Airende and Omo…my older look alike.

So I really couldn’t decide between the famous story of how my dad almost drove off without Airende and I, and this story. In truth, the only reason I chose to tell you that story in place of this one, was simply because this one turned out to be a continuation of the last story. This happened just a few days after we had just moved into our new house after my dad had gotten a new job. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or who Airende is, here’s some info about my family. Sooo, let’s get started!

It was a normal day, with Airende not giving me trouble. My parents had gone to work, Ohis and Omo were in school, and there was no one at home asides from Airende and I. Before my mum had left, she had fried some plantain and eggs with stew for us (Airende & I) for breakfast. I was elated since plantain IS my favorite food/snack/whatever you wanna call it. Airende also arrived in the kitchen just shortly after I had gotten there. I was just about to enjoy my food, when the phone rang upstairs. Being the senior brother and all, Airende just used his eyes to tell me, “Wait Wait… Do you expect me to go upstairs and answer the phone? Don’t lemme slap you.” Either his eyes said this, or he was just staring at me funny. I chose to believe the former.

I answered the phone call and hurried back downstairs to my food. I had gotten my fork, ready to chow down on my food when all of a sudden, I looked down at my plantain and was like

not right I counted my plantain and found out that two had been missing. I don’t care if you think I’m crazy… I really do not joke with my plantain. I started to accuse Airende, who had already finished eating and he denied it blatantly. I was upset, but I had no proof, so I ate my plantain in anger.

Anyways, the day progressed gently, until Airende got bored, and he started disturbing me. It was a playful kinda disturbance. So I wasn’t too angry, and we started messing around. Very soon, playful disturbances, turned into play fights! We started reenacting moves we had seen from TV and it was all fun and games until one time, Airende actually hit me really hard. I was like

playfight Then I started crying, got angry and started hitting him hard. Now Airende knew he hit me hard, and he started apologizing but I kept on hitting him. I would not take his apology. He had to feel as much pain as he had meted out upon me. Airende was still apologizing to me, until I punched him really hard in the stomach. The hit actually hurt him, and when I noticed that it did, I was kinda glad (for like a split second), but when I saw the eyes he used to look at me, I ran into the room in fear and  Airende wasted no time in catching me. He hit me hard again, I cried harder and tried punching him in the stomach again, but he evaded. Then outta nowhere, Airende scooped me from my waist, flipped me over, and next thing I knew, I was in the perfect position for a powerbomb. Now Airende didn’t want to kill me, and he, even though my punch sorta hurt him, he still took it as playfighting. However, he was still angry, so he slammed me on the bed. For those of you who don’t know what a powerbomb is, here’s what he did.


Here’s what the bed looked like after he slammed me on it

broken bed 

It actually didn’t hurt that much. In all honesty…it felt kinda fun being tossed on the bed. But I was in no mood for fun. I was upset. How dare he?! And so I used my last available option left to attack Airende…no I didn’t kick him in the nuts. With all the anger in me from having my plantain stolen, being hit hard, and powerbombed on the bed…I bit him. As hard as I could. I almost chewed off a bit of his skin, but he managed to fling me away from himself. This time however, he was really mad. Just when we were about to go at it again, my parents walked in the room. They just stood there in awe, surveying the whole room and the damage we had caused. On spotting my mother, I got my best acting impression on


I started crying, running to her leg to quickly explain my side of the story before Airende could tell his side. He did get to tell his side of the story though. My parents, being the good natured people they were, whooped us both silly, and made us stay with the carpenter while he fixed our bed the next day.


Well, that’s about it for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed it! Airende and I don’t fight anymore though! Love him to death!! Follow @TheOiz and have an awesome day! 

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