My Brothers And I

Hiiiiiiii guys! How ya dewwwwwin? Hope all is well? It’s time for the 6th of #TheLast9Posts! So please, sit back, relax and enjoy today’s post!


My Brothers & I


Yup! I had no fashion sense whatsoever! I still have no fashion sense, but these are my brothers. I have no sisters. So, from right to left we have Airende, The Family Banker, Swagdaddy McGetsAllTheLadies, and My immediate senior brother…6 years older than me (if you’re wondering why the age gap is so much, you can read about my creation story here). Next we have Ohis, The Eldest Scroll, Friendliest Storyteller Alive, 10 years older than me. Then Omo, Second Friendliest Person Alive, Fifa Demigod, The Older Version of Me, 8 years older than me, and then there’s me. In this picture, I’m like Meg Griffin in the Griffin’s family. My existence is irrelevant. Just for this picture though!

Anyways, I’m just gonna tell you about the most popular experiences I’ve had with them.


Ohis & I

In all honesty, Ohis and I never really connected as well. He is 10 years older than me. A decade of years. Basically, if I was talking new millennium, he’d be talking World Cup 2010 in South Africa. That’s how far apart we were. But he was really nice to me when I was younger, and he still is nice to me now, but just not as much 😐

Ohis was the only one who went to a different secondary school. He went to a navy secondary school, so I didn’t see him very often. In comparison to my other brothers, as a child, he spoiled me the most though. But one day, the only day I annoyed him, he set me straight. After that incident, I never crossed paths with him again.

The incident happened on one faithful day when both Omo and Airende were in school, and my parents were away from home. It was just Ohis and I at home. I had been watching TV all day and Ohis had just finished taking a shower and was hungry, so he sent me to help him get food downstairs. Knowing how he pampered me and all, I rejected and continued watching TV like I didn’t hear him. He just shook his head and went downstairs and didn’t come upstairs for a long time. I got bored alone, so I went downstairs to pester him. He obviously got frustrated with my shenanigans and announced that he was going to watch TV. Being the spoiled brat I was, I ran upstairs and held the remote, refusing to give it to him. He forcefully took the remote from me and then changed the channel to a movie. It was Titanic that was showing at that time. It had just started. He was crazy about that movie back then, even though he had seen it more than once! However, I wasn’t ready to give him the satisfaction of watching TV, and so I stood in front of the TV and refused to let him watch the TV. He finally couldn’t take it anymore, and the next moment was one I remembered for a long time in my life.

Now Ohis was (and still is) really tall compared to me who’s just a puny midget. He then proceeded to lift me off the ground by my ear, pulled me into the nearest bathroom, tossed me inside, and then locked the door. After I just got over the shock of being lifted off the floor like paper, I was furious when he did this to me and decided to scream and bang on the door with hopes that I’d disturb him and his movie. All he did was increase the volume till it drowned my screams and poundings. My screams and poundings later gave way to tears and pleas until I finally couldn’t scream anymore. I then proceed to sit down on the toilet sit, and with my hands on my feet and my head on my hand, I fell asleep on the toilet.

Ohis on the other hand, watched Titanic and didn’t open the door till the movie was finished. When it was finished, he then proceeded to open the door, met me sleeping, picked me up, and tucked me into bed.

Moral Lesson? You REALLY shouldn’t fuck with Ohis.


Omo & I

I really am sorry to disappoint you, but Omo and I didn’t have any battle. From early childhood up till date, he’s actually really been good to me. I sadly have to admit that he’s like my father over here in USA (since my folks are in Nigeria). He also gets told that he looks like me and vice versa.


Airende & I

Ah, Airende. Airende Airende Airende. Simply put, Airende & I were like Jacob & Esau, Cain & Abel, & Undertaker and Kane. Ohis and Omo never really had my time, probably cus they were just too mature for me. When I was younger, Airende ALWAYS had my time. He was always on my case. Airende always got me into trouble and I always made sure I returned the favor. I’ll just tell you about the most famous story about one of our arguments.

My father had just gotten a new job, and so that meant we were moving from Port Harcourt to Lagos. He opted that we drive instead of flying. So the road trip began and it seemed pretty chill. My mum and dad were in the front, at the left and right side of the door was Omo and Ohis respectively, and in the middle, was Airende and I. Now I want you to understand why Airende and I never saw eye to eye on many things.
So here I was, jejely minding my own business on my side of the car, when Airende overstepped his boundary and put his leg on my side of the car. Since I don’t know what it’s called, I’m just going to let the picture explain


That thing the arrow is pointing on? Yeah, Airende left his side, and put his leg on my side, so there were 5 feet on the other half of the car…my 2 feet, Omo’s 2 feet, and now Airende’s leg? No. I couldn’t take it. So I returned the favor and he started screaming and we went back and forth, on and on, ignoring my mum’s screams and threats if we didn’t stop with the noise at the back. Ohis and Omo didn’t even care. They were just looking out the window while my mum screamed at Airende and I who were also screaming. This whole scene went on for 30 minutes, until my father stopped the car at a side of a street. He then went to urinate, and suggested everyone step out of the car and stretch their legs. When he was done, he got back in the car, then my mother followed, then Omo and Ohis. Airende and I were still arguing about who was supposed to enter the car first. My dad settled our argument and told us not to enter the car and then he proceeded to drive off… At first, we were too stunned to understand what was happening, but it wore off fast and we started running on the side of the road after a car that was going very far very fast. I tripped and fell down while chasing the car and surprisingly, Airende came back for me. At that moment, we became best friends just so that my dad wouldn’t leave us alone. From a distance, we could spot hands (my mother’s) moving frantically until the car finally came to a stop. We ran as fast as ever and caught up with the car, got in, and said nothing for the next few hours till we arrived in Lagos.


And that’s about it for today’s blog post! Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day!

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