The T&C of Life!

Welcome welcome welcome to your favorite time wasting site! Where nothing is learned and nothing is earned except your time, which is money, so technically, y’all are paying me by being here. So I’m at least 13,000 minutes richer than most people! Now, to find out how to convert that time into money.

Anyways, today’s post is just gonna be my views on thirsts and curves. I’ll keep it very brief and simple and hope you share the same sentiments with me. If you do, you’re awesome! If you don’t share the same sentiments with me, it’s okay.

No one gives a fuck 

Thirsting & Curving

Rule 1.

This is the golden rule of curves. Curving is like the rule of law, no man/woman is above the curve.

Whether it’s on a small scale


Or on a large scale

Either ways, no single person is above the curve. 

Rule 2.

Curves can come in any form. It could be an outright curve


Or a delayed curve


 Or my favorite, the reverse curve


Rule 3.

Most times, people just curve you cus they can

Z curve 

Y curve 


I’m not even gonna post any picture on this but just outright vent about this. In reality, some people are seriously thirsty and say the weirdest of things just to hop on your genitals. While in other cases, it’s really normal to see someone and just find yourself in having heart attacks

 Being very honest, I feel as though people are too quick to call a person thirsty, and in some cases, it’s outright stupid to call the person thirsty. Take for instance a girl who takes a semi nude picture of herself and uploads it on Instagram and a guy comments and tells her “I want your body” and she tells him he’s “thirsty”. I fail to see the logic in this situation.

I also feel that there’s nothing wrong with being thirsty. If you want something, you really gotta work hard to get it. Thirst and you shall be fulfilled. That’s just my belief. If you want the opposite/same sex (depending on your sexual preference) on your bed, then by all means do what you have to to get them on your bed. However, just don’t make a fool out of yourself when you’re trying to get this. It’s highly unattractive.

Finally, I feel that some of you people who get thirsted after are unappreciative people, especially females. Even though it’s immoral, think about it for a second, somebody wants you. They might not be on your level, but still, they desire to have you. At least appreciate the fact that you’re not among the undesirables like us who, when we get complimented/thirsted after, we assume their either joking with us or someone paid them to say so.

Sha sha sha, I just wanted to keep this post brief and simple! Follow @TheOiz and have an awesome day 

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