How I Lost My Virginity

Heyyyy guysss! It’s really a good and beautiful day today! You know why? Cus it’s my blog’s one year anniversary! Yaayyyyy! Twerk timeee!!


Anyways, I really want to thank you guys for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog every now and then! S/O to whoever’s in Sweden and UAE reading the blog. The number of viewers from there suddenly just tripled after some days!
With everytime I’m thankful on this blog for something, you know there’s gonna be a special blog post! Woohoo! Today’s special is gonna be based on how I lost my virginity. Take it in guys…. As facially challenged as I am, I somehow got someone to want to do me back :$
Wait, I meant have sex with me and NOT do me from behind to all of you sickos who thought this.


How I Lost My Virginity

Soo I’m here to tell you a simple brief story about how I lost my virginity on the 4th of May 2011. Yes, that’s right. I remember the date, so y’all females can stop acting like its special to only you. That aside, the second reason why I remember that date was simply because it was one of the most embarrassing days of my life. I’ll just briefly summarize it with details every now and then.

It was during Waec period that I had the chance to lose my virginity. You see, my high school was just a village. That’s the easiest way to put it. The thing was, the date Waec exams were supposed to be going on, was during the time the school had scheduled 2nd term holidays to begin. So like every other student would do during the holidays, everyone except the people in grade 9 and 12 stayed in school simply because they had exams. Others left. And in a school with only 197 students, you can imagine how scanty it was. Now, the saddest part about all of this was, since it was 2nd term holiday, and no one is supposed to be working, the cooking staff left us! In their defence, they weren’t gonna be paid for cooking for us over the holidays, so we were left alone to fend for ourselves. Thankfully, since the teachers also left us (and one of em would come back every now and then to check up on us) alone, we had the freedom to leave school and come back every now and then. So basically, if you came to the school to count the total number of people in school, we’d be about 58 students, while the remaining 12 lived close to school, so they stayed home and studied instead, and then the two watchmen. Now that you understand how empty school was, I’ll explain how the virginity loss came about.

During one of the random nights where us guys would just come out and talk about stuff that made no sense, one guy mentioned that there was a girl in our class who was totally into me. Thing was, I had never noticed her. I was crushing too hard on another girl to even notice that one other girl liked me. The next few days that followed, the girl who liked me got my attention. We’d talk in public, look for empty classrooms and talk in private, flirt and all was well. Turns out she was more sexual than she seemed. We started making out and touching and all that good stuff. Then one day during a make out session, her hand went down south and I was like

I may be young but I'm ready 

Cus in reality, she was older than me by 2 years, so I was still a minor compared to her.

Before I go on with this story, keep it in mind that a few hours prior to the girl and I meeting, I had played a very long and hard game of soccer. I rested in the afternoon and went to see her in the evening. Got that? Alright, moving on.

 So her hands went down south and I was celebrating in my head, but I wanted to be really sure that we were both thinking the same way… So I sent my own hand down there and she smiled. As she smiled, I was like

my time has come 

So we got down to business, checked all our surroundings and shed our clothes and we were ready to go. Since I’m only blogging and not mentioning names, I’ll just go ahead and say this. Now, as this girl was shedding clothes, I was all mentally prepared, penis was hard as shit and ready for action. However, when she slid down her panties, I felt my penis soften for a minute. I couldn’t see her vagina through all that bush she had been tending to. There was more hair there, than there was in both my armpits at that time. Anyways, I had to convince myself that it was gonna be okay. We’re doing this for science. Initially, I was doing this out of lust and then curiosity, but after seeing all that bush, it became only about curiosity. The lust turned into sadness that she had more hair in one part of her, than I had on me… And I’m a guy.

Since I didn’t want to watch that bush as I performed my act, I suggested we begin with doggie style and she agreed accordingly. I had to let her guide me down her jungle cus I didn’t want to get lost and stick it in the wrong hole. So she directed me, and we got down to business. All seemed to be going on well for the first few seconds but something just wasn’t right. Every time I went in and out of her, my left thigh seemed to be hurting a lot. I assumed it was cus of my inexperience and so I shifted my posture a bit and continued about my business. However, this new position only made it worse and then on one random push, it happened…

I had a muscle cramp.

I immediately pulled out and started punching my leg hoping to alleviate the pain but it only got worse and in a matter of seconds, I was there whispering “Fuck me now” under my breath. Then I noticed that the girl started moving her ass backwards as though she was responding to my loud whisper. She then turned around after like 2 seconds and found me on the floor punching my leg, my whispers getting louder and louder until I was full on shouting in the night, in an empty classroom, with a semi nude girl in front of me. The situation worsened when a watchman came with his torchlight (there was no electricity in school soo) and flashed it on us to see a girl in a top and underwear looking down on a butt naked me, rolling on the floor in pain. The guy burst out in laughter, helped me out and we promised not to speak about it again… After I paid him some money anyways..

Anyhoo, that’s how I lost my virginity. Even if it was for a super short period of time, it doesn’t matter. I had sex anyways. Half a loaf is better than none. Hope you enjoyed the special! Thanks for reading my blog on its one year anniversary! Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day!

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