YAY! Summer School

I’m two days into summer school and I honestly don’t want to go to school anymore! I know I know, it’s a dumb thing to say, I should be appreciative, blah blah people would wish they were in my shoes! Yeah, I know. I’m grateful and all, but the past two days were one of the most annoying and frustrating, but there was still a silver lining though.

So, I’ll need to try to do my best to explain what happened BEFORE school resumed on Monday. In my school, when you arrive, you have to take a placement test to evaluate how good you are at English and Math. Now, in my Math placement test, I placed in Math 240 – Trigonometry. Fast forward to 1 month before my school resumed and when I was registering for my classes online, I just didn’t feel like taking Math 240 since it was a night class….I then decided to go and register for Math 260. Naturally, I shouldn’t even be trying to apply for Math 260 since the class requires you to have completed Math 240 or placed in a higher level of Math. If not, the system immediately declines your request and tells you to complete Math 240 first. The only reason why I even ATTEMPTED to register for this class was simply because I had a friend who took Math 240 and 260 (Pre Calculus) concurrently in one semester even though she only placed in 240. So my mindset was, since you can take 240 & 260 concurrently, irrespective of the fact that you placed in a lower math level, you should be able to register for em both. Lo and behold, I got the class sha! I was glad! I was blaming myself for not thinking about this a long time ago!

Speed up to this Monday that just passed and I had to go back to the normal school routine about waking up by 5:30, showering (yeah I take long showers soo gotta wake up early) and running to catch the bus that so I could make it in time for my 8AM class. So I got to the Math 260 class, still sleepy and shit, but I was there on time. They then proceeded to call out names of people enrolled in the class and well well well.. My name wasn’t on that list. So I walked down to Admissions and Records Department of my school to find out what was going on. I got there and then this woman told me that the system malfunctioned, and that I shouldn’t have been able to register for the class to begin with, so when the system was working again, I was dropped from the list of people enrolled in that class.

There I stood, for a good two minutes, staring at this woman…not knowing whether to scream and vent how I was really feeling and probably end up being escorted out by security, or just calm down and take my anger out on something else. Did she know how much I’d been studying and tutoring myself over the spring holiday to study for Pre Calculus? Did they know that if I didn’t have a Math class done by the end of this semester, my chances of getting into the university of my choice was going to be tarnished? And malfunctioned? The system malfunctioned? I know we aren’t perfect and all, but that’s not a malfunction I wanted to hear. Anyways, I opted to do the latter and push my frustration elsewhere, which was a good move I guess. This meant that I had to crash a math class. For those of you who don’t know what Crashing classes is, it’s basically going into a class you’re not enrolled in, and banking on people not to show up so the professor can drop them from the class and add you among the people who are enrolled in the class. Usually, crashing classes is hard because the people who are trying to crash classes are more than the actual number of people enrolled in the class. And the limit of students teachers can allow is 45 (even though some exceed that limit and be nice by accepting 50). It might not sound like much, but think about it like this. In a Math class where 35 people are enrolled in the class, while 50 are trying to crash the class, what can the professor’s do? Either do a lottery to randomly pick 10/15 students and devastate the rest.

Thankfully, I got the class I crashed and my day started looking up. So there I was, sitting in the class, waiting for the professor to come and teach, until I spotted the professor sitting among the students, speaking with a funny but believable Chinese accent, asking students if they knew which professor was gonna be teaching this class, and if anyone had checked him out on Ratemyprofessor.com to see if he was a good professor. I knew it was the professor cus I’d tried to crash this class in the prior semester and I also knew he was faking his accent cus the time he spoke when I was crashing the class, he sounded super American, but he still had an Asian face. So there he was, sitting in the midst of students, acting like a student who couldn’t really speak English well, while listening to some people complain loudly about the professor being late to class and some even openly dissed him and made stereotypical jokes about him. He then stood up, went to the class, and continued with his fake Chinese accent to tell everyone he was the professor and said he had a problem speaking English so, he made someone read the names of the people enrolled in the class. Some people walked out of the class while the other people who dissed the professor were stunned. After doing all that and adding some students and devastating some other people, he then dropped the accent and spoke perfectly clear English, surprising some students even more. I just died laughing at the people who walked out of the class simply because they didn’t like his accent.


So yeah, school’s finally back in session, I’m back to studying and admiring those on y’all on holidays! I’ll try to blog from time to time, but like I said earlier on, just subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on the posts. Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day!

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