3 Reasons Why I Love Father’s Day

50th Blog post! Woohoo! We’ve come really far here haven’t we? I mean, 50 blog posts aren’t that easy to just type! Okay, I take that back, I’ve done about 47 with the exceptions being my About, Hello World, and the post I reblogged about 4 reasons why you can’t touch my hair…but who’s counting? And I’m really really grateful for all the positive feedback you’re giving me! I can’t wait for the day where I’ll be like this when you’re giving me a positive compliment about my blog


Anywho, today’s Father’s day!! I actually love this holiday and I can’t wait for the day when a legitimate kid of mine says “Happy Father’s Day Dad” to me. By saying legitimate, I’m not trying to imply I have kids already o! Please, don’t go spreading rumors before my parents do this

 nigerian airways

And I start doing this

Crying Kid 

But yeah, today’s post is going to be 3 reasons why I simply love father’s day.

1.  Father’s Day happens ONCE a year

Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day happens once a year so I’m absolutely glad about that. I’m pretty sure I wished my mum happy mother’s day at least 4 times this year. I don’t even understand why this occurred. All I remember was logging on Twitter on a variety of days, checking to see the trending topic, and after seeing #HappyMothersDay as the trending topic, I did what every responsible son would do and called his mother to wish her a happy birthday. It’s not like I only call my parent’s on holidays specially dedicated to them, I just prefer to know ahead of time that I’ll be celebrating a holiday at one specific time in a year, not 4 random times.


    2.  Father’s Don’t Get Much Love

I’m not saying this to start a sexist war or anything, but I honestly just feel that father’s don’t get much love. You’d see people tweeting and updating statuses about how much they love their mum, and how they could potentially commit suicide if their mum died, etc. I know this doesn’t happen in ALL households, but this is the case in most places, which brings me to my next question. What about dad? He works just as hard too. True he might not be as involved in your upbringing as your mum would, but still, doesn’t he deserve that kind of love you have for your mum as well?


Till you become independent, you know that this is usually the case right? So show father’s some love! They deserve it!


    3.  The Stereotypes

Out of all the reasons to love father’s day, the major reason why I love it most, is simply because of the stereotypes! Most especially, the black stereotypes! I’m just going to post various pictures that I’ve been seeing and enjoying. So enjoy too!

Chilling With Dad 

Who's This 

Nigerian parents  

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s, lesbians (who are the more dominant ones in the relationship), and to all the people on Maury who were unfortunate to hear the words “YOU ARE THE FATHER!” Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day!

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