I Think I Just Saw Lucifer

You might think the title of my post is misleading or something, but just hear me out. So I was busy just 9gaging one random night, enjoying all the pictures I could see when I came across a confession bear picture in which a guy said that the love of his life had married someone else, so he acted as a female, made the husband of the love of his life exchange nude pictures with him, and then he sent it to the love of his life. A few days later, she divorced the guy she married.


On reading that, I was like “Woah there Lucifer. Calmez les fuck down!” That was really evil! The comments people were making seemed to be weird to me as some people congratulated this lucifer for being a hero and saving the girl from a cheater. Of course, these comments were made by mostly females and fuck boys while males were dissing him for not letting go of the woman and ruining her happiness.

Although I’m sure y’all might not agree with me, I honestly believe that the guy is a total asshole. Fuck all that nonsense about “All’s fair in love and war” and “If you truly love something, you’d do all you can to get it”. I honestly believe that the guy making the confession had no respect for the love of his life. True, he did save her from a husband who was liable to cheat on her, but why couldn’t he just let her be happy with someone else? I’m pretty sure if she loved him, she’d have married him, and not the other dude she married and divorced. I know some of you females are like “Nahhh, it’s totally the husband’s fault. If he loved her, he won’t have cheated”. That’s a strong point to consider, but you do know that there’s no real guarantee that the husband would have cheated if he wasn’t lured into it by this other guy. Such an act is called Entrapment and there’s a reason why it’s illegal. From the term “Entrap” you can tell it means to catch someone in a trap like you young females do on social media, putting thirst traps here and there, waiting for a thirsty nigga to fall for it just so you can screenshot his comment and caption it as “Smh, Thirst niggas” so the whole world can see and laugh at the poor sap. Well, such an act is considered illegal. Dictionary definition of entrapment is the action of luring an individual into committing a crime in order to prosecute the person for it. Anyways, all I’m trying to say is, even though the husband was at fault for sending pictures and cheating on his wife, I fully blame the Lucifer like dude for not respecting the love of his life’s happiness and ruining her marriage.

With that rant off my chest, I think I’ll now go to bed! Please feel free to comment on your thoughts about this whole picture and who was right and who was wrong from your point of view. Oh, and don’t forget to follow @TheOiz and have a nice weekend!

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