My Thoughts On Yeezus

I’ll keep this really really brief. I’ll just do a quick critique of the tracks I listened to, and even if you don’t want to stick around to hear me rant, the link to the tracks I got would be at the end of this post.
So today, Yeezus leaked and I listened to the whole tracks I saw available to download. 10 tracks of Kanye showing his versatility as well as lyrical ability on every track. I’m probably not the best when it comes to being a music critique, but with the tracks I listened to, Kanye really did show why, controversial or not, he’s still one of the best at what he does.  

My Thoughts On Yeezus

The first time I heard the album title Yeezus, I just knew it had to be Kanye. Kanye West is to music, what Luis Suarez is too football. Always making the headlines for one reason or another (even if it’s usually negative) but that doesn’t stop them from being great at what they do. Kanye, being a genius at what he does, and I honestly believe with his intelligence, and your constant belief about illuminati, he knew that giving the album such a title, he’d provoke a reaction from y’all and probably increase album sales. And I’m pretty sure he did.

Immediately I gave the album a first listen, the first thing I noticed with most of the tracks is that there’s this reoccurring screaming theme with Kanye’s songs, either in the middle, or ending. Yeah, go ahead and say Illuminati or whatever you think it is. I don’t really care about that, but it is kind of disturbing hearing someone scream for no reason as he did in I Am A God, or just scream “God” continuously as he did in Black Skinhead. Send It Up was also another highly provocative track with lyrics such as “Yeezus has rose again” “If you send this bitch up, it can’t go down”. However, I did appreciate the diversity in the album as every track was always different from the first one, with sounds, lyrics and delivery. For those of you who get offended when the deity in your religion is likened to an individual, you might not want to give I Am A God’s second verse a listen. However, I honestly don’t think you should take it personal. It’s really just an album.

Kanye did sample from a lot of old songs that were made when you probably weren’t born, or that you’ve probably never heard about. The album all in all, was a good album from my point of view (even though I’ve listened to it just once) First songs that caught me were definitely Black Skinhead, New Slaves, I Am A God, Hold My Liquor and Blood On The Leaves.

Anyways, here’s the link I got to the songs on the album and don’t blame me if the link goes away. Most links are disappearing from various sites really really quick

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