My Childhood Stories

Heyyyy guys! What’s good? How ya dewwwwingg? This is my 43rd blog post and it’s going to be another really cool post! But before I do, I really need to congratulate myself. 43 blog posts and I still have a good and attentive audience!

After constantly reviewing my stats, and checking what makes y’all come here, I discovered that it was the cool stories! Apparently, people like reading stories of how one unfortunate thing or the other happened to me. I see. Luckily for you, my life has had lots of ups and downs, so I have loads of stories to tell you. This time around, I’m just going to be going through most of the things I remember (or I was constantly told) as a child. Pardon me if I do not give enough details in a story as it is either I’ve forgotten what had happened, or I just blacked out.

My Childhood Stories: How I Almost Lost A Finger

So, the most famous story I know of, and I say this was famous because everybody who’s family knows about it, is the time I almost lost part of my finger as a child. Now, I’ve been told this story so many times, I honestly feel like I can vividly recollect all that happened that day even though I was much too young to be able to remember such.
This incident happened when I was really young, I presume I was nothing more than 2 years old because I was still crawling when this happened to me. As a baby, I was really really fat, and the given the nickname “Chubby” by….. Tbh, I don’t even know who gave me the nickname. I just grew up with it, and to this day, all my REAL uncles and aunts, older cousins, mum, dad, and brothers call me Chubby….even though I’m as skinny as one of those starving kids you see on TV. Here’s an old picture of me back when I was small with my brothers. I was pretty heavy back then.


Anyways, back to the story. So, on this fateful day in Port Harcourt, my brothers were playing outside while also trying to keep a watchful eye on me. Well, me being James Bond and all, I slipped past them unnoticed and went to the backyard of the house where a man was helping my eldest brother fix his bicycle. I’m guessing he knew me, cus he tried to carry me, and after  realizing first hand that I’m heavier than I look, he put me down and probably went to call my brothers to take me away from the backyard so he could work. The situation happened when he dropped me on the floor and left to go and call one my brothers. When he dropped me down and left, I immediately crawled back to the bicycle and kept staring at it in fascination. He had turned one of the wheels and it was still spinning, so out of my childhood curiosity (I refuse to call it stupidity) I put one of my fingers inside the spokes of the bicycle wheel which, being much stronger than my baby fingers, chopped a major part of it off. Now, as a baby, I was just crying, and I’m pretty sure no one understood the gravity of the situation until my brother came to carry me and saw a piece of my finger dangling, on the verge of falling off my hand. At this point, my eldest brother panicked, and gripped my finger so it wouldn’t fall and carried me to my mum who, like any other mother would, screamed at the top of her voice, panicked for a few seconds, then got a first aid kit, and bandaged my hand before rushing me to the hospital. I don’t really remember anything else happening from here on, but some other people’s versions of the story involve my eldest brother, in addition to my other brothers getting serious slaps after she had bandaged my finger and was listening to the explanation as to how this had happened.

Well, that’s just one of my various childhood tales! It might have been a boring read, but that’s okay! I’m just glad you read it and know that my brain has been looking for ways to murder me since I was a child! Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day!!

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