Conspiracy Theories! The Illuminati

Hellooo everybody! How are you doing this beautiful day? Well, it might not have been beautiful to you so far, but I’ve been happy since yesterday! I got more than 400 views in one day thanks a blog post! Woohoo!!!!! I feel so accomplished as a blogger! I’m sure some of you must be laughing at me for celebrating simply because I got 400 views where some people get 4,000 views daily. Yes, that’s really really cool. But I’m not those people. I’m me. And I’ve been taking baby steps since, and yesterday seemed to be more like a baby walk, than anything else and I’m proud of myself! If you don’t think I should be proud of myself you could voice your opinion to a brick wall for all I care.

Now, yesterday’s post was pretty impressive to me, and I don’t think today’s own would top it. Today, I’ll be doing another one of my conspiracy theories. It’s going to be a brief one, and it’s probably not going to be funny, so if you’re searching for a humorous post, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Conspiracy Theories!: The Illuminati

Ah, yes! Today, I shall be talking about The Illuminati. The set of people we all claim are running the music industry and other places of power in the world. However, my goal today is just to look at them from a different limelight.

Have you ever thought for a moment, that this whole illuminati thing is just a big fake publicity stunt? Think about it this way. The most popular book in the world is The Bible. The main “Characters” in the Bible are Jesus, God, and Satan. Now, looking at The Bible as only a simple book, majority of the people love the characters called Jesus and God sooo much, they believe in them and adore them and try to imitate Their ways. They’re the good guys in the whole book. Now, Satan on the other hand, is the bad guy in this story and is detested by the lovers of God. In a key part of the book, we’re told that Satan was a really good musician. A musician wanting to capitalize on all this, knowing all of this information, would come out imitating the bad guy, going against the norms, knowing it would spark a reaction from the audience. This might not be really great as an explanation, but I’ll try to use Amanda Bynes as an analogy and hope this becomes a tad clearer to you. Amanda Bynes is currently the talk of the town as she has everyone either talking/tweeting about her. Amanda knew that her career was going down the drain faster than when T-Mobile cuts off your line cus you haven’t paid your phone bill. So she had to do something to redeem the spotlight. So what did she do? She gave up her normal nice look and started looking like a drug addict. Started openly dissing celebrities like Rihanna for no particular reason, knowing fully well this would spark a shitload of comments from other people. And it all worked perfectly. Now everybody’s talking about the once irrelevant Amanda Bynes and she’s popular again. In reality, she might really hate the way she looks now, she might secretly love Rihanna, and she just might wish she didn’t have this kind of negative publicity. However, she knew fully well what to do that would cause enough of a reaction to shoot her into the limelight, hence her actions. This is the same way I look at the whole Illuminati thing. It just might be this one big hoax that someone did enough research on, and after much study put it to the test and it worked. Now other people follow in the footsteps of the person, using symbols, imagery, and even making statements that would put them in the limelight.

I agree we’ve all heard some artists say they sold their souls to the devil, and we’ve also heard them take shots at Jesus or whatever they say. But have you ever thought about it the other way round? That they’re doing this just for publicity reasons and nothing like the Illuminati actually exists? Cus people would do a lot of things to be famous. Trust me. I know. And I’m pretty sure you know some people who’d do anything to be famous too. So maybe, just maybe, this whole illuminati thing is bullshit, and we’re the ones looking into it so much, people are getting famous off of it. If one day, we all didn’t give a shit anymore about this thing, I’m pretty sure, over the years, it’ll die down.


Yeah, I know I might have bored you with this post, but it’s just one of my thoughts, same with every other thing on this blog. Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day! 

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