Conspiracy Theories!: Why Doesn’t Anyone Eat At The Chum Bucket?

Hey Guys! How ya doing? Hope you’ve been good! I know you can’t seem to get enough of me, and so I’m back again to come and fill you up with my weird conspiracy theories again! This will be kept pretty brief and simple but I hope you enjoy it!

Unanswered Spongebob Questions! – Why Doesn’t Anyone Eat At The Chum Bucket?

Chum Bucket: The Chum Bucket! Restaurant of sworn enemy of Mr Krabs! He seems to hate Mr Krabs a whole lot, and if you read my last conspiracy theory, you’d probably guess why they’re sworn enemies. Now, Plankton doesn’t get customers but Mr Krabs does! Why is this so?



As usual, my first theory as to why this might sound really stupid, but at the same time, it’s really feasible. Plankton might just be a horrible cook. I mean, judging from his size, the man can’t even reach the kitchen stove to even cook. He probably just tries to cook on the ground instead of a kitchen stove and since he’s cooking on the ground (which is dirty) dust and germs can infest the food thereby making it unfit for consumption. This is probably one of the reasons why when people eat chum, they puke.

Also, it might just be that Plankton isn’t cooking the right thing. I mean, who’d disregard a fine Krabby Patty. A Patty with meat, veggies, cheese. (and who knows, the secret ingredient might just be Bacon!) After hearing all these, who’d leave all that good stuff for some Chum? Maybe if Plankton started selling something else like Bread, pizza, or something else, he’d be successful and have more people at his place.



The environment of the Chum Bucket might just be the major turn off. I mean, just look at the place… It’s a bucket, with no windows, the floor looks unkempt, and in the building, there’s a place where Plankton stores up all his gadgets. Now I don’t know about you, but environment is one of the key things for me to consider before I decide to go to a place and eat. The Chum bucket might just not have customers cus its just a really unattractive place to eat in. If they could probably renovate the place, give it a better name, ADVERTISE (and trust me, advertisement goes a long way. The episode where Patrick came to help Plankton advertise with the slogans “Fum is Chum” and “Chum is fum”, customers came over). So if Plankton could do all these things, he’d probably have more guests at the Chum Bucket than he has now. Can’t guarantee if he’d be more successful than Mr Krabs.



Actually, I don’t want to include this in as a “Theory” per se, because it’s just common logic. For those of you who don’t know, “Chum” might mean friend/buddy, but in the aquatic world, Chum means (according to Wikipedia) Chopped fish, fish fluids, and other material thrown overboard as angling bait. So basically, Plankton is selling fish parts and anyone who eats at the Chum bucket is a cannibal. The only fish that can eat at the chum bucket is sharks, and the only shark we’ve ever seen in Bikini Bottom is Farfel (or Farkle according to Mr Krabs) Bainbridge. And even Farkle only set foot in the Krusty Krab to look for a piece of art (watch the episode called Fiasco!)
So basically, Plankton just can’t sell food to fish in the restaurant business, but if there was a cannibal market in Bikini Bottom, Plankton would be rich.



And that’s about it! Like I said earlier on, I’d keep it really brief and simple, but I hope I’ve been able to provide an answered to one of your unanswered questions about Spongebob. Have a nice day! And follow @TheOiz

6 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories!: Why Doesn’t Anyone Eat At The Chum Bucket?

  1. its surpising that he doesnt try to feed the chum to starfish do to there will eat anything even fish might even be a good ideal for him to get patrick to eat it am surpised squidward doesnt doesnt crabs octopus starfish and whales eat fish and chum in real life

  2. I just think chum bucket is subliminal messaging for cum bucket. Nobody wants a cum bucket, unless of course you’re into that.

  3. The first two theories are sadly…incorrect.Here’s the actual reason of why no one eats at the Chum Bucket…and the reason kinda takes part of theory #3.So here is the reason:No one eats at the chum bucket because chum is made of fish parts.No one eats their own body parts/guts(If they did,many times,then the show Spongebob would’ve got cancelled a LONG time ago).That’s why the chum always looked “funny” and had weird parts in there.It’s also the reason why the fish always thrown up or gotten sick right after they ate the chum.[If this doesn’t ruin your childhood I don’t know what will.]

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