Scariest Moment of My Life

Hi guys!! It’s been a while hasn’t it? About 48 hours or less but still, it’s been a while. Anyways, I forgot to tell you about my other finals and their special moments, but since that’s not the topic of today’s talk, I’ll just summarize it in a paragraph or less.

My History final turned out to be another funny final to me, and not because of its questions, but because of a particular person. Now, everyone was totally silent in the room, and nothing…..not even the air conditioner was noisier than the writing of people’s pens on the exam paper. Even our examiner’s fingers on his Ipad wasn’t making noise. Then all of a sudden… A new sound was introduced so smoothly yet noisily. It came to us like a muslim name. “Yusuuuuuuufffffffffff”. Initially, I couldn’t tell if my ears were fooling around, or someone really did expand some gas from his/her anus, but my doubts were confirmed when I heard that sound again, however this time, it was more violent. Like a vuvuzela, it’s sound ripped through the air again. Since the sounds were coming from behind me, I was waiting for someone to start laughing and hopefully pointing so I could mark out the person creating these noises. I was hoping it’d be like a prank from two friends to just make us laugh or something. This was what I was expecting


But alas, I was disappointed. Everyone in class acted so mature and went about their business like they didn’t even know someone had farted twice in a row. Three more farts were released in quick succession as time progressed, and I was still waiting for someone to reveal the person but no one cared. So I was left looking more disappointed than this baby


Also, like 2 days before my Political Science exam, I sprained my right arm in school. So I went to see the school doctor. Now the doc is pretty young, and fine too, but she’s also an annoying smartass who drops the worst comments ever. I’ll give you the highlight of our conversation

Doc: Your hand would be okay in a few days.

Me: A few days? I need my hand on a daily basis especially my right hand.

Doc: Well, just give it a day of total rest and it should be fine. Besides, let’s be thankful its exam week, where you have to use your brain, more than you use your hands.

Me: ………

Doc: *winks* Especially, your right hand 😉

Me: *trying to be funny with a comeback* Well, if my hand doesn’t work well, will you use yours instead? Or what if I get mentally stressed? Will you gimme brain? 😉

Doc: I’m blond hun, I don’t have any brains to give.


Yeah, the doc can be pretty fun and all. I just don’t fall sick so I can’t be seeing her on the daily.

Now, on to today’s topic. The scariest moment in my life. This is really just a cool story, which I’m going to summarize and put into a few words. I know you like laughing at my pains, but I assure you, this was no laughing matter.

When I was still fairly new in Northridge, I got invited to a party. Now, since I didn’t really know the area much, and I’m always killing my phone battery, I always try to take note of the number of turns and street names anytime someone’s driving me anywhere. So on this day, my brother said he’d take me to the party, but he wouldn’t be able to pick me since he’d be going Downtown and won’t be able to come pick me up. Since the party was still in Northridge, but not too far from home, I decided that if I couldn’t get a ride from my friends, I’d just walk home. I mean, the party was only 45 minutes from my apartment so I didn’t mind walking.

Party night comes and I’ve dressed up trying to look swaggy in my favorite pink polo, skinny jeans and my comfy toms. I had made a note to look at Google Maps and master my route home just in case my phone dies while at the party. Bro drives me to the party and drives off. The party on its own was pretty awesome. Lots of drinks, shouting, dancing and I even got the phone numbers of three foiiinnnnnneeeee girls ^__^

The party finally comes to an end around 2AM with me tired and sweaty, voice lost, and all my friends had left earlier, so it meant one thing.. I’m trekking home! No worries anyways, I had already mastered my route and didn’t really care about my dead phone. On my walk home, I got a tad hungry and decided to go to the Burger King near the apartment. As I was walking home, I started to approach a dark street in which all the lights in people’s houses were switched off, so it was really dark. I mean, this kinda street, but all the trees were houses


However, just before I got to that road, I saw three boys skateboarding on another street which wasn’t too far away. Didn’t really care about the three boys, but there was one particularly big guy in their midst. He looked like one of those bouncers at clubs. Or one of those guys who you’d be like “If this guy slaps your gf, what would you do?” He had this kinda stature 

slaps girlfriend

Anyways, I walked past them and got to this dark spooky street. I was kinda freaked out cus the street was narrow and dark with light from the next street trying to shine like a mile away but failing. It was like seeing the proverbial light at the end of a tunnel…All you wanted to do was get to that light. As I was walking on this street, I started to hear footsteps behind me. I looked behind me, and I spotted the figure of that big bouncer guy from earlier on. I honestly hoped he was just walking in a direction like mine….not following me. Anyways, in my semi panicky state, I started walking faster…. But for some reason, this big guy seemed to be catching up. At a point, I broke into a jog and this guy also started jogging behind me and was gaining on me fast. I calmed my nerves down and decided to assume he wasn’t following me and started walking slowly….. How wrong I was

Bouncer dude caught up to me and the first thing he did was give my ass a hard smack before he walked in front of me, blocking my path. He then said, “Damn boy! Look at you. Making me run just to get to you. If you weren’t so cute, I should spank you harder.” I froze where I was, and was stunned for a while. He then went on to introduce himself and expected me to return the favor. I tried to say my name but since I lost my voice, it came out as a whisper. He seemed to think I was flirting with him, talking in he put his large hand on my brittle shoulder, drew my closer to him and asked me to say my name in his ear and asked my name again. I replied him again and he laughed and started caressing my shoulder. I was really too scared I was gonna be raped to do anything, and since I had lost my voice, I knew I couldn’t scream loud enough for people to come here me and save me. I’m pretty sure if he chose to rape me then and there, all the onlookers would just think its a gay couple having sex with one of the partners crying…maybe tears of joy. That’s what you’d have thought and what I was praying wouldn’t happen. If he had tried to rape me then and there, I’d probably lose then and there as he was like 2 times my weight and size. He then asked if I was single to which I screamed NO!! But my scream came out more like a stupid whisper cus of my voice and he thought I was joking until I kept telling him I was serious, and I was not single and was interested in FEMALES. He was upset. I could tell cus his grip on my shoulder tightened. He didn’t wanna give up tho. So he asked for my number, just in case I think of going the other direction and winked at me. Never have I wanted to scream so bad. I was super glad my phone had died and told him it was dead. He then made me put “My” number on his phone. After giving him a fake number, he let go of my shoulder, smacked my ass again, and said he’d give me a call later on. Then he jogged away, as if he was running to tell his guys he’d done something great. I remember him looking like this before he ran off


I stood there for about 5 full minutes. Too scared to comprehend what had just happened. When I came to, nobody needed to tell me that I needed to run home and quick. Thankfully, I got home, with no more encounters with anyone, but believe me, that was the scariest moment of my life.

That’s about it sha! Moral lesson of the story? Never NEVER NEVERNVERNEVERNEVERNEVER walk alone  at night! Also, don’t wear pink polos with skinny jeans. The results might not be pleasant. Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day tho!

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