Sooooooo its been a while! A really really really long while! And I’m not even here to start telling you why I haven’t blogged in months or anything like that. I do however; owe my avid readers an apology sha. I’ve just been lazy yunno. Last few weeks I’ve been caught up with exams. I think out of everyone, the astronomy one had to be the hardest and funniest. I’m being legit serious when I say that as we walk into class, the first thing the astronomy teacher says is


That might have been funny, but the exams weren’t a joke though. He grades us all on a curve so yh. It wasn’t a joke until you reached the back of it. First question I see… I think it was number 8 (can’t take finals home sadly, if not, I’d have shown you the whole questions)

Question 8) Since dark matter cannot interact with light, explain why it cannot be black.

Now, I know I have a serious problem when, in the middle of an exam, the first statement that comes to my brain is…. This teacher is racist K Even though I knew the answer, for like two good minutes, my brain was there making the worst stereotypes ever and giving me the worst answers.

Brain: Dark matter MUST be black since it is called DARK matter. If it was called Yellow/White matter, then it can’t be black.

Me: …………

Brain: But on the real though. Have you ever heard any lightskinned person be described as “Dark” ?

Me: ……….No

Brain: Exactly. Dark matter is black. Case closed. Your teacher is racist.

Me: …………………

Brain: Okay, let’s be serious! Dark matter cannot interact with light. Fine! But it must be black. Cus if you’re black, like Ghanian black, you make everytime look like midnight and can go around doing things since no one would be able to see you but you won’t want someone to shine the light on your darkness parade and catch you in the act therefore…. Dark Matter IS black, but cannot interact with light.

Me: …………………………………

Brain: U mad


Took me a while to get back on track but I did. I do hate my brain sometimes. It fails me at crucial moments. Anyways, back to the exam. As I continued answering all the questions, another question came forth. This was a normal question. But then again, my brain isn’t normal.

(Can’t remember the exact question, but it went along these lines. My astronomy teacher asks really weird questions)

Question 10) Science!
You’re walking on your own when all of a sudden; a person is walking towards you.

10A) First, give me two different possible reasons why you think the person is walking towards you and for each give me how you could test that idea to find out whether it’s the real reason (in other words give me two hypotheses and come up with new observations to test those hypotheses)

10B) Which of these tests is more trustworthy than the other? Explain why.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…why is such a question in astronomy? Its not a bonus question. I assure you. The whole question is 25 points out of 200. Anyways, I started writing what I had to and just as I was finishing it up, the brain came again.

NB: I had started off my first reason with the person being a he. Even gave it a scenario of it being a dark cold night

Brain: For your second reason, the person might be walking towards you cus he finds you attractive.

Me: ………………But I’m not g..

Brain: Nah, who am I kidding? We all know you’re not attractive, but you could still put that as a possible reason why he’s walking towards you. And for 10B, you know that my test is more trustworthy from the way he walks up to you, sees your face, apologizes, and walks past you.

Me: :/

Brain: Trolololololollololololol


But yeah, I was super glad to be done with all my exams, astronomy being the final one. It was a fun class though, and to this day, my favorite astronomy slide has to be my professor’s personal sketch of what a telescope looks like. And yes, that is my astronomy professor


Well, I hope you enjoyed the post. I’ll try to update the blog more frequently now I’m done with exams and all. If I don’t update the blog, this is what happened

after exams

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