Happy New Month

It’s been a full month and not one blog post was made.. Yes. 4 weeks, no single blog post was made…And you know the sad part? singlefrog

Anyways, since you came here to hear information which shall not benefit you in anyways, I might as well proceed to tell you about my not so interesting life.

To be honest, I was so mad at the beginning of the month as I couldn’t get all the classes and I needed and the worst part was, if I didn’t get those classes, I’d finally get my wish and go back to Nigeria.. But deportation and holiday traveling ain’t the same thing and this story is boring you right? Let’s focus on what you really came to hear…
Valentines Day! One of the days where I get to say thank you to someone who makes my life worth living. The day where I get to spoil that special someone for being in my life. The day where I show love in the best way possible to that special someone. And do you know who that special someone is? The person who agreed to be my valentines? Well in truth, my valentine was 1362174101958

This was really a sucky valentines tbh. My mum called me to find out if I had a valentine and I gave her the usual, “No one loves me like you do mum, so my only valentine is you” line, but this time around, even my mum rejected me as her valentine 😦 Can you imagine? Being rejected by your own mum for a valentine? Its soo…unfathomable. But it happened to me. Its almost like calling your dad one day and he deliberately ignores your phone call the way you occasionally deliberately ignore his phone call sometimes. I’m sure mum must have felt like this when she was denying me..invisible

Anyways, no lele. Mum finally rejected my valentines day request which just proved that all good things must come to an end. But being my positive and happy self, I decided to spoil the other special human being in my life. Myself that is. And it was really good. All my professors, in the spirit of love, cancelled class for that day. So I had time to take myself out, have ice cream, took time to get used to my left and right hand, and the greatest time was in the night! I got to sleep with oomf (for non-twitter folk, it means One of My Followers) 😉 It was really a good day 🙂100_0258[1]

Also, for those of you who don’t know, February here is black history month or as I call it, black people month. The month where we celebrate our color because white people don’t celebrate it enough for us. I’m guessing there’s no white history month because its going to piss off a lot of black people and popularize Britney Spears’ “Slave for you” song everytime a white person sees a black person. Funny thing about black history month is how most black people don’t really celebrate it. They just remember that its tax season and so they start filing taxes and shit. niggas be like

Anyways, I really don’t have too much to say cus I’m hungry. So follow @TheOiz and have a nice day. And thank the next white person you see for not getting jealous about there not being a white history month!

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