Just a Random Rant

“So its 2013 and you people are still sending nudes?” “Why send nudes in the first place?” Man, all of you need to just shut up and enjoy the fact that you came across a nude pic. I personally have nothing against sending nor receiving nude pictures, however, I do find it seriously immature for me to send you a nude and you leak it. You might as well have recorded our sextape and uploaded it online too.

So, its another beautiful day, with another random post on Useful Information About Nothing, and I’m here to talk about nude pictures. I don’t have time to give you history about who sent the first nude, nor who has the most nudes, but sending and receiving of nudes has been going on and will go on for years to come. Now, lets answer some key questions you people like asking.

Why send nudes in the first place?

Well, its pretty simple. Since you people turned “Hey boo” to “Hey boo ;)” and the flirting just got serious, its obvious the next thing on your agenda is to meet up and arouse that konji that has been hooking you. So why send nudes? To let your partner have a preview of what he/she wants to taste. You don’t just go and watch a movie without seeing its trailer (irrespective of the fact that you’ve heard good reviews about it). Neither do you test drive a car without seeing it first. So that’s that. Besides, every long distance relationship isn’t complete without some nudes and Vaseline/Jergens/Lotion/WhateverLubricantThatTicklesYourFancy.

Don’t you feel weird taking pictures of your tits/dick?

To be honest, people who ask this question piss me off. Don’t you wash your tits/dick while taking a shower? Aren’t you proud of what you have? Besides, we’re in an age where everyone likes feeling like a photographer, so taking pics of your privates should make you feel good as a photographer right? The only reason when it should feel weird is if someone else is taking the picture………..

Why send a nude without putting the face in it?

Whoever asked this question is an idiot. You’re talking to someone. You’ve (probably) heard their voice, seen their face, and then all of a sudden, he/she sends you nudes and you’re worried you can’t see their face? Are you gay?

Why do people send “Nudes” but the pictures they send cover up the important parts?

Pictures like these aren’t meant to be termed as nudes. To be honest, I really wonder why people do this. It was your choice to send a nude….why cover it with your hands/hair/whatever? You might as well wear your pant and bra and send a picture and call it a nude.

Lol, why is *insert random name here* talking when I have his/her nude?

Abeg, go away. People who say things like this need to (sometimes) shut up. Sometimes, because there are times when you REALLY, REALLY, need to put hypocrites in their place. Other times, let the person talk in peace. We were all given a mouth, so we can use it as we please. Even if, it gets us into trouble.

And since, as y’all say, every nude talk, bant or whatever you wanna call it, isn’t complete without a nude, here’s my nude for you down below! Follow @TheOiz and have a nice day! Oh, and if you take me serious, there’s something wrong with your life.Need Jesus

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