The Best Day

I really don’t even know where to start, how to start, or what to do, but today’s post is just about yesterday. The Best Day to me. Good morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night depending on where you are! How are you this awesome day? Is all well? Had a nice day at church? Pinging, texting and tweeting instead of listening to the pastor? Or you just chilled at home, cleaned up the house, and relaxed like some other people? Doesn’t matter what you did tho, as long as you enjoyed yourself, that’s awesome!

Now, back to the main topic! Ghen Ghen Ghen Ghen!!!! So yesterday was my birthday. Now, I personally don’t see anything awesome in birthdays. I just see it as any other day but the difference being that people are much nicer to you, they (SOMETIMES, sometimes in caps cus I haven’t been given a gift since…..well since SINCE. Its that far :/ ) give you gifts and do other nice stuff for you and that’s exactly how my mindset for yesterday was. Wake up, reply people wishing me happy birthday and all. Be with friends. Watch them be much nicer to me than they already are. Maybe party later in the night and sleep. That’s what I expected. Well, the day was like this, but I guess I didn’t think it’d have its twist and turns sha!

So, two days back, at around 1pm California time, I started skyping with Aku! (Not Samurai Jack’s enemy tho. But Aku sha) We skyped talked and all. She asked me for the pronunciation of my name. Weird, but after laughs, bants and other ish, I left to play ball with my friends. (Now all this I’m sayig might sound like a cool story, but take note of it. I’ll address it later.) By 3pm California time, the happy birthday texts and tweets started raiding my phone. People in Nigeria had already started helping me celebrate my birthday. Sumaya ( @MissLee_x ) with that her tangerine head set it off first. All the same, it was nice sha, but I was playing football so I couldn’t even reply a tweet till I was done. By the time I got home, the mentions were still kinda mellow, so I thought it was going to be something very mellow because most people on Twitter thought my birthday was on February 30th. Sigh. And we all claim to be smart 😦

Anyways, I started replying the little mentions I saw and then instead of reducing, the mentions kept increasing -___- I wasn’t too surprised, but it wasn’t easy replying 3 mentions while 6 more were waiting to be seen and replied. Long story short, I replied mentions till I got into twitjail (The place where they send people who tweet too much in a short span of time) Thinking I’d relax while in twitjail and watch the mentions pile up, my phone started blowing up with texts and phone calls from friends wishing me happy birthday. By the time I was done answering all the phone calls, I was out of twitjail and I continued replying the tweets… Long story short. I re entered Twitjail with numerous mentions waiting to be answered -___-






Anyhoo, I used the time to relax and enjoy my life sha, until it was 12am California time. That’s when the surprises started coming in. Some of the tweets @ me were pretty funny, some surprising, and others were too tooo moist.. Like TOOOO moist. Those kinda things you’d see in titanic.






Anyhoo, by 12, another friend ( Must you know the person. Amebo oshi 😛 ) sent me a video where people from Nigeria and UK took time out to make a birthday video for me!! That was so toshing and moist :’) Here’s the video btw, Aku admitted why she asked me for my name in the vid. Mumu child -_- I had to punch the wall a couple of times to restore my manliness back. Men don’t cry 😐

Thankfully I was out of twitjail to reply all the tweets I could and thank everyone who made the video and all before I re-entered twitjail one more time and I went to bed. Woke up and hey! Its my birthday today! Everything seems chill and awesome. Had to pray. Just had to. After that, I checked my phone and it was almost dead. 212 messages ( Texts + Facebook + Twitter ). I would reply those later tho. First things first! I had to go the gym, and work out. I tried sticking to a regime once, but hunger and laziness spoiled it. Now sha, I’m hoping I can do it everyday so even when you guys do #AbsWednesday out of nowhere, boys won’t be caught off guard B-) After an awesome workout and a beautiful breakfast, it was shower time! But just before I got into the shower, les parents called and started singing happy birthday for me. I felt like I was a 2 year old. After the prayers and all, dad finally agreed to pay for my ticket (as ONE of my birthday presents. Yet to find out what the second one is) to go to Dallas for the holiday ^__^ So if you’re gonna be in Dallas during Christmas time, Hit Me Up 😀 😀

Afterwards sha, my brother’s surprisingly lemme cut my hair anyway I want and I did. It was so weird tho. You know, when you’re never allowed to do something, and all of a sudden you can do it and you’re like “Is this a trap or something?” Then all the things you wanted to do but weren’t allowed to, leave your head and you’re just like “Errr.. Okay. Now I dunno what hairstyle to do..” That’s what happened. Sha don’t laugh at the hair. Bro said my hair looks like a helipad. That a helicopter could happily land on that octagonal surface. I was in tears 😥

Immediately after the haircut and all, I went to have an awesome lunch with friends who made me feel good about my helipad haircut. We had Chinese, played golf and went home. My phone was dead so I couldn’t even reply texts or anything. Constant messages and all kept blowing it up. Thankfully, birthday boy’s meal was paid for so everything was just going on, free of charge. Then my birthday cake was made. If my cake was made the same time I got the video, I’d probably be in tears. I was just soo happy. The cake was made with love, and diabetes. Loads and loads of diabetes. But still, love was there. And it was made by ümmügülsüm (Have fun pronouncing the name 🙂 Its @JustBlaah on Twitter btw) My Amazing Turkish friend who has just been too awesome in my life for the past year! It was just too awesome! Too Too awesome! She’s beautiful. I know.

Nightime and for the first time in my life, I went clubbing! It was crazy and fun and shut up.. It was an 18 and above club so don’t tell me I’m not yet 21 therefore I can’t go clubbing 😐

All in all, it was definitely the best day ever. Got many surprises, too much love, and even my ex finally forgave me fully and is cool with me now. Maybe I might just change my perspective of birthday’s cus of this. Maybe not. I know by the time my mum sees my haircut, after having her laughs, she’ll give me the Child of God speech and something something something Cut your hair now. So I get to rock this look for the next 6 weeks or so so I might as well just enjoy it to the fullest! Thanks to everyone who made my birthday an awesome day on Twitter, Facebook, texts, phone calls, and every other thing. You guys are all too awesome!! I wish I could be like you when I grow up :’)
Well I’m off to reply my texts and Facebook messages and wall posts now! Have an awesome day and follow @TheOiz! Also, Shalla to my baby geh Ugochi ( @Ugochi_V ) for the S/O she gave me in her blog post  Love you!

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