Right In The Childhood! – The Powerpuff Girls (i)

_Heyy! Its Friday! Friday! Idunnotherestofthelyrics Friday!!! How are you doing? Glad that after a long boring week of school and all, the weekend is finally here? Me too! I’m just glad I get to rest a bit before another long week. I know some of y’all have busy weekends too so its like everyday is stressful! If you came here to relax and read something IQ lowering…..Well you came to the right place!

Continuing with our cartoon analysis, today’s cartoon is a special one that I’m sure many guys, and girls, loved! I loved the cartoon too because it was actually educational at a point but some of us didn’t notice that it was educational. All we cared about was watching the bad guys get beat up! The cartoon for today is gonna be, The Powerpuff Girls!

The Powerpuff Girls! A show which has a vast number of things we must analyze. Step by step analysis. Its gonna be pretty long if I try to cover every character in depth, so for just this post, we’re gonna focus solely on Professor Utonium, and each individual Powerpuff Girl.

The first character who’s shown in The Powerpuff Girls is Professor Utonium, dropping sugar, spice, and everything nice into a bowl before he started stirring it all then mistakenly hit Chemical X which then birthed The Powerpuff Girls. As shown below

Now looking at this picture, you can imply that the professor is either a pedophile, or he doesn’t know how to cook nor where his kitchen is. But, let’s analyze the pictures one by one.

  1. Professor flushed this thing with sugar, pretty obvious he’s gonna die of Diabetes eventually.
  2. Look at the way he filled it with spices.. He’s probably a Nigerian/Mexican with his love of spicy stuff!
  3. Look at his smile as he’s dumping those girly things in the pot. You can already tell how much he “Loves” girly things 😉
  4. As he was mixing, his hand mistakenly hit Chemical X and then The Powerpuff Girls were born. But I still wonder how horrible a cook you must be, and how hard you must have been stirring a concoction, to break a whole batch of Chemical X into your food/concoction.

And it was from there that The Powerpuff Girls were born! They just exploded and thus, whatever the professor was trying to cook turned into something else, 3 little girls! Look at his face and the joy in his face as he discovered that he had successfully made 3 girls!

Just look at that smile. Look at how happy and glad he is. Which brings us to the next and most important question. Was the professor just confused that he added sugar, spice, and everything nice but was too lazy to go to the kitchen so he cooked in his lab but then The Powerpuff’s came out from his bad cooking? Or was he just some pervert who had been trying all his life to create little girls in his basement so he could, Take Care, of them? With that smile, I think its pretty obvious what the professor was doing.
Professor Utonium hasn’t had much luck with the ladies even though him and Ms Keane, the Powerpuff Girls’ teacher, had something going on until professor said he didn’t like cats and that immediately turned Ms Keane off. I blame the professor. Who says no to pussy? Then he also fell in love with Sedusa at one point but fell out of love with her eventually just because of his girls. With the way his two relationships ended, we can see how much he loves his little girls! Yup. He really loves them 🙂

The first character I want to focus on in the Powerpuff Girls is Buttercup. Now Buttercup is the least happy Powerpuff. All her life, all she wanted was to be a boy or have a penis. That’s why she has short hair, likes acting tomboyish. In one episode, she went dirty and refused to take a bath for a long time. Sounds like some guys I know. Pig niggas :& There was also another episode that showed how much Buttercup liked making money as she discovered that getting people’s teeth got her money from the tooth fairy. Now you’re starting to slowly see how much of a male she is right? All she wants to do is make money, and boss people around. There was also another episode where she fought with a toilet mouth dude and she started talking shit! In general, Buttercup just wants to be a dude. That’s why most of the times, she does boy things.

Moving to the next Powerpuff we have Blossom. The one who likes feeling like a smartass, always tryna act all mature and likes to talk a whole lot. She’s pretty annoying and if she gets married to a hood black man, I can imagine her getting two black eyes for talking too much and staying in the kitchen less. Also, Blossom is a redhead! You know what they say about redheads? They’re mostly sluts. So eventually, she’ll either grow up to have black eyes, or prostitution 🙂

Next in line is Bubbles! Bubbles the blond. If you notice, she does act pretty blond as she sometimes, has little or no brain power and waits till Blossom or Buttercup pose an idea and take charge. Bubbles is very naïve and could be said to be the easiest girl to trick in the Powerpuff girls. Bubbles is also Multilingual and we’ve seen episodes where she spoke Spanish and Japanese. If my calculations are correct, Bubbles is also a slut. Japanese people have this weird fantasy where they enjoy watching tentacle porn. Porn where basically tentacles are the things that satisfy the female. Now, I want to bring to your attention that Bubbles best friend is her toy Octopus, Octi. She sleeps with it every night. You can imagine what they do 😉

On to The Powerpuff Girls in general and there are various episodes of them showing that at such a tender age, even without hitting puberty, they already knew a thing or two about boys. In the episode where they battled against The Rowdy Ruff Boys, they taught most girls (and most guys like me expect girls to do this) that if you kiss and peck boys, you’d take care of the problem of them beating you! And they learned this from Miss Bellum. That sexy Miss that the mayor couldn’t just set p with. There was also an episode in The Powerpuff Girls where they tried to play God by staying in the clouds while they gave the people orders on what to do and how to destroy a monster! Sounds pretty controversial, but I found it hilarious. I remember watching that episode with my mum and she got mad at that and felt like they were using that episode to sub God and didn’t want me to watch the show anymore. LOL, Yeah right.

For now, I’ll call it a day! We’ve got loads of other people to focus on, but for now, let’s end it here! Second part of The PowerPuff Girls Analysis coming out later! Have a nice day and follow @TheOiz

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