All Because of Donuts

So I can give the excuse that I’ve been busy with school work and all, and then there have been loads of dramatic and mentally draining situations that have made it seem like I abandoned my blog, or I could just go straight into the story for today. Since I know you like gist, I’ll give you a story about what has been happening in my life AFTER I tell you this sad story today.

All of you who like to say “Konji na bastard” don’t know anything. HUNGER. I repeat. HUNGER. Is the real bastard. Hunger can make a man do any and EVERYTHING if starved enough. Have you ever been so hungry, your brain ceases to function? So hungry, you find yourself willing to do anything just to satisfy your hunger? So hungry, you’re no more hungry? Well that last kinda hunger is the worst. That one where you feel so hungry, you think you’re gonna die, then all of a sudden, the hunger disappears. If that has ever happened to you, my advise for you is to go and get food immediately, or else….

Anyways, recently, I was in school and all was well. Nothing really crazy. Just a normal Wednesday, finished my two classes and I was hungry. This hunger however, was different. Now I was hungry, but all I desired was donuts. Some donuts my brother and I occasionally have when he’s less busy and he’s dropping me off to school before going to work. Unfortunately, my phone bill was due and I hadn’t paid, so T Mobile had cut me off. Over here, they really don’t joke with the phone bill. 12AM and you haven’t paid your bill yet you still expect to be receiving text messages? LOL LOL LOL You’re lost. And that’s exactly what I was 😦

Either ways, my phone was pretty useless, but it was my source of music so it was still useful. Anyhoo, after my last class, I decided to go to this donut store. I wanted to Google the place, but I didn’t know the name of the store nor the cross streets it was on so I just decided to use my instincts and wit to hopefully walk to the donut store and get there and satisfy this hunger. Also, the next bus to arrive at my stop was gonna take at least an hour. ONE HOUR. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Now, the walk started off gently. There I was, full of energy, feeling hungry (for donuts only) strolling with my earphones, bumping to some good songs. After walking past some familiar streets for about 30 minutes, the level of hunger gradually switched from particular hunger, to general hunger. Now, all I wanted was food, but the hunger was still mellow, so it wasn’t much of a bother, however, frustration had started to kick in, but just a lil bit mellow so nothing to worry about. However, 20 minutes later, my stomach jumped for joy as I came across a donut store. The only problem was that it was A donut store not THE donut store I wanted so while my stomach protested, I carried my body and decided to walk some more, with the belief that THE donut store was just up ahead.

Long story short, I walked for about an hour and a half before I got to a cross street (Superior) which was the street near my house. After seeing this street, I just gave up hope about the donut store and stopped walking on Winnetka and started walking towards Superior to the house. The frustration levels were super high, I was so hungry, I wasn’t hungry anymore, and my stupid brain started envisioning my fantasy self sitting down to some donut, hot chocolate, a television showing something interesting while the air conditioner was blowing……… and basically it just made me fantasize about stuff I couldn’t have at that moment. After walking on Superior for another hour, I reached my street, walked for about 3 minutes, got to the apartment, sat down, and the first question I asked myself was, “What the hell did I just do? Walking for two and a half hours all in the name of a donut? Not even any other donut (Because I did see other donut stores on my way home) but donuts from a store you have no idea of the name? You’re retarded” After all these thoughts had come and gone, I went online, ordered pizza, waited for two decades and didn’t want to tip the pizza guy because I felt he came late. Anyways, tipped the dude, ate, and hibernated.

Moral of the story? Be sure of where you’re going before going anywhere, or else you’ll end up somewhere you didn’t expect to be. More bants from me later in the week sha so have an awesome day and follow @TheOiz!
Oh, and btw, below is a map showing where I should’ve walked, and where I actually walked!

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