Another Cool Story

Oi! I am back again! I am back again! Yo! Yo! Yo! What’s good? How are you? How have you been doing? School giving you a terrible time? Too much work? Feeling stressed and tired? Well you came to the right place. Remember that nothing will be added into your IQ if you read today, or any other day’s blog post. You might even lose a bit of it. With that being said, let’s begin today’s post ^_^

We’ll have a cool story for today, just to get you prepared for better stuff to come this weekend. As usual, The Boy is here again to entertain us. So get your duvets, blankets, hot tea and anything that brings heat, and enjoy.

Another Cool Story

She got down on her knees and was giving The Boy the best head he had ever received in his life. She sat him down and had him tied to the chair so he couldn’t do anything but just enjoy the pleasure without taking control. She started stripping for him, making his manhood ache all the more. Then she said, “Lemme play some music to set the tone.” She then walks to her iPod deck and starts playing Thinking Bout You by Frank Ocean. Then she starts kissing The Boy… Deeper.. With more intensity.. Wetter.. And wetter… But then the kiss started feeling weird when The Boy could feel saliva on his cheeks and then he broke off and found himself in darkness even though Thinking Bout You was still playing. He then found out that he could move his hands, he was lying down, she was nowhere to be found, and it was all just a dream which was interrupted by his alarm. The Boy, wanting to continue his dream, looks at the time. 7:03am. He thinks to himself. Five minutes more sleep won’t hurt. And then he puts his alarm on snooze, and resumes his dream for “Five minutes”. Try and try and try as he might, The Boy couldn’t find the girl anymore. He could only see the room he was in with her, see the clothe that she tied him with, but he couldn’t find her. After trying and trying to no avail, The Boy then tries to wake up. Besides, he only had 5 minutes of extra sleep. He then wakes up, looks at the time, and almost screams. 8:25am. He’s already missed his bus to school and his French teacher said there’d be a quiz later today. He then quickly gets up and rushes to the bathroom and is happy to see his bro still sleeping. Meaning he still has a ride to school, so all is well. He takes his shower, begs his bro to take him to school, and after many “Lemme sleep for 5 more minutes”, the bro gets ready, and finally drops The Boy in school. Since The Boy was rushing, he didn’t have time to have breakfast and check that he had all his valuables before leaving home. A decision he’d live to regret later.

The Boy crams as much as he can in the car while his bro takes his time while driving before dropping The Boy in school about 20 minutes late. He rushes to class, says a few prayers, and opens the door to find everyone in class, listening to the teacher while she lectured. He then asked the nearest person if they’d done the quiz and the guy said no. The Boy then heaved a sigh of relief, and went to sit down. Even though he’d be marked down for attendance because he came late, at least, he didn’t miss the quiz. The teacher on the other hand, taught and taught but there was no quiz. The Boy’s head was still full and he was waiting impatiently for a quiz that never happened, to happen. He found himself staring at the Demon, the clock, more than 20 times a minute. Yes.. He was that desperate. Eventually, the class came to an end and there was no quiz. The Boy’s head started hurting. Maybe as revenge for making it learn so much, within such a short amount of time. All for nothing. The Boy then rushed to his next class and got there just in time and did his best to listen in class even though the teacher was super boring. He tried not to fall asleep and tried texting, but his phone died. The clock seemed to be moving in SUPER slow motion. Nothing was going well for The Boy. Then “IT” happened. The teacher asked a question and everyone went extremely silent. Then The Boy’s stomach that was not fed, decided to make its presence known and it started growling. But these were not normal growls. The “Growls” sounded more like farts, but coming from the stomach. Most people thought it was a fart, but it as actually The Boy’s stomach. All eyes were on him as people wanted to see where that “fart” came from. It wasn’t too hard for him to be on the spotlight as the girl beside him. The girl The Boy had been scoping and trying to set p with later in the semester, immediately heard the noise and looked at him in disgust. Complete fuck up for The Boy 😦

The class ended after some hours and he quickly hurried to his last class while cursing the fact that Tuesday and Thursday classes were back to back giving him no time to have lunch. Cursing himself for not having breakfast. And cursing himself for getting late to the next class, making everyone look at him as he came in. As usual, Angry Stomach didn’t waste time making his presence known as he growled, farted, and made sure The Boy was looked at like a freak. Still, The Boy just did his best to sit in class and bear all the bad looks and occasional disses tossed at him by his friends. Finally, the class ended after what seemed like decades, and The Boy immediately boarded the bus that was gonna take him home. Finally! He was going home to relax. Going to eat, and sleep. The Boy then picked a good spot at the back and found himself ruminating on how the whole day went. How the dream frustrated him. How dangerous 5 more minutes of sleep can be. How annoying his bro is. How comfortable the chair was. How the air conditioner was making him feel sleepy. And how…….. The bus driver tapped him on his leg to tell him that he had reached the last stop. The stop which was about 2 miles away from his normal stop which drops him off at home. After a deep sigh, The Boy gets up, and begins to walk home under the hot scorching sun with an Angry Stomach, weak body, headache, and a tired shoulder from carrying his bag full of books. The Boy tried to stay positive, and walked silently all the way home. Not even daring for one moment to sing or open his mouth lest he use up his remaining energy and faint on the way. The sun didn’t even chill. It just burned him on and on :/ One of the times when The Boy regretted being black since he’s a natural conductor of heat.

The Boy finally got home, sweaty, hot, and tired, to find out that he had forgotten his keys inside the house while rushing his bro to take him to school. He knocks and knocks even though he knows no one is at home. Finally The Boy cannot take it anymore. He just sits down on the floor, rests his back on the wall, puts his hands on his head like he’s lost it all, remaining in that position till he falls asleep and is woken up by his brother later on so he could get inside the house. He finally gets home, searches for food but sees nothing edible in the fridge the first time he looks inside. After lowering his standards, he searches again but sees nothing except water. He repeats this cycle of opening, searching, closing, and lowering standards till he finally decides to have Ice Cream and water while his bro just laughs at him, telling him to wait for him so he can go grocery shopping. Even though The Boy only looks at his bro, in his head, he was shouting “Shut up! You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve been through all day” But since The Boy had no energy to scream, he just balanced on a chair, finished his ice cream, drank loads of water, and just passed out on the bed till he woke up later on to find his brother back with food from the grocery store.

Moral of the story? Don’t do vegetables. Eat your school and stay in drugs. Follow @TheOiz and have a nice weekend!

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