The Demon

Yo Yo Yo!!! What’s good?! How you doing? How was your night? Slept well? Annoyed school has started/will soon start? Good for you 😛 My school has been in session for the past three weeks but I’m sure you didn’t even care about my welfare. All you care about is seeing a new post, laughing, and going away with a bit of your IQ lost. *sigh. If not for the fact that I know you won’t gain anything from reading this post, I’d be annoyed that you’re cheating me.
Since school actually started, I’ve been battling with this demon. There’s this demon I see in every single one of my classes, never giving me a moment’s break. This demon, that chooses to take away my happiness. This demon that I see almost everywhere I go. No, I’m not talking about a teacher. I’m talking about the Clock.

Have you noticed that clocks in classrooms are like instruments of torment? Once you notice that there’s a clock in class, no matter how interesting or how boring your class is, you’ll be forced to stare at that demon, begging it to either speed up, or slow the heck down. I mean, just think about it. Clocks are the worst kind of demons ever. They just stay there, above your head, chilling, knowingly making you count in your head, and if you hate Maths, you’ll hate clocks. Even if your class is super interesting, you’ll still look at the clock, praying it slows down so the class doesn’t have to end. But once its a boring class, you find yourself constantly checking the clock out from time to time like its one hot babe you’re scared to approach so you’d just stare like a retarded seal. The most annoying thing about clocks in classrooms is the fact that when you want time to speed up, that’s when the damn thing decides to leave its car and start riding a snail. I hate the way things are in this world at times. I’m sure most of you know that painful feeling right? That feeling where you’re staring at the clock, begging, mentally pleading with it to speed up so you can just leave the building you’re in and immediately you do that, it seems to start moving in slow motion YET when you’re late and you want time to slow down, that’s when time will have money to buy a private jet and fly with speed till you’re late. One thing that pisses me off the most is how you’d wish the time would speed up, so you decide to close your eyes for five minutes and then BAM! One minute just passed. If, on the other hand, you were now at home, and your alarm woke you up too early and you decided to have just two extra minutes of sleep, BAM! Open your eyes and its year 2069 -________-

Now I have no idea what I’m bashing. I think I’m bashing time. But in general, I feel clocks shouldn’t be in classrooms. They don’t help at all. Many people have wristwatches so why put a clock in class just to make people bend their necks, distract themselves from the lecture and then try to plead with time/calculate how much time is left. I personally don’t like wearing my wristwatch to school but I just don’t feel completely dressed unless something is around my arm. God forbid I’ll have handcuffs on my hands though. So if you were about to troll me, I’m wayyyyy ahead of you nigga (ง‘̀-’́)ง😀

If you didn’t notice the clocks in your class, I’m sure you’ll start doing so now. If you have noticed it in class, I’m sure you’ll understand how frustrating and painful it must feel. Clocks in general are instruments of the devil. Stay away from them 😐 Follow @TheOiz and have a nice dayy!!

This is the only clock I approve of by the way.

4 thoughts on “The Demon

  1. Amazing weblog! Do you might have any suggestions for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own weblog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a totally free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? You’ll find so several choices out there that I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any tips? Appreciate it!

    1. Well I can’t say for sure. I just made my blog for the fun of it. For humorous reasons. Didn’t really focus on making money out of it. But I think it’ll be good to start free at first, then maybe go for the paid option (even though I have no idea what extra benefits are derived from the paid option)

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