Have you ever felt big but later noticed that you’re small?

Felt so irreplaceable you didn’t worry at all?

Thought you were the chosen one and this was your call,

But all in all, you’re just another brick in the wall?

Thinking life’s like a fantasy, A Summertime Ball,

Never Springing back to reality because its too dull.

Partially prepared for Winter in any case at all,

But somehow, you were never expecting to Fall?

Then when things fall apart you seem no longer at ease,

Its hard to be a man of the people when there’s no civil peace.

When your girl’s at war, and walks out the door,

You might need some Achebe to chin you up please.

Mum and dad don’t seem to be helping either,

Killing all unadcademic wishes telling you to stop being a dreamer,

Yet even though your chances are slim, and you look very grim,

You’ve sown the seed so you can later be a reaper.

So you begin to tackle the problems one at a time,

You know the truth about your talent so its time to let it shine.

The plan is to to solve this conundrum, be at your optimum

Transform right before their eyes and be in your prime.

So you try to settle the war in hope that things would change,

It hurts how something so good causes so much pain.

Cus you and her BRT’d but then she switched lanes,

Now its like living in a parallel universe; Things are not the same.

Yet you strive to fix things because you still miss the past,

But your progress is hindered by your life in the past,

She doesn’t believe you now, she believes in your past

Even though memories fade, this one seems to last.

She has issues with trust, you tried to make her adjust

Your hardwork turns to dust, this shit feels too unjust.

Then you go back in time and curse the day y’all discussed,

About your past, cus sine then there has been little trust.

Her trust issues always make her brand you a cheater,

Yet she wants you so bad, she still thinks you’re a keeper

But she’s scared of getting hurt yet she doesn’t wanna lose you either

So all she can do is sigh and wish life were much easier.

You try to convince her that that happened since.

You’re fresher than before and you WILL be her prince.

You wanna be with her, till you grow old and wither

But on her beach, all you see is your footprints.

Even after all the hello’s and hi’s, and all the tries and sighs

You still wonder why, you ended without a goodbye.

No more lows or highs, no more laughs or cries

Cus always in her eyes, you’ll be the bad guy.

You try to shrug it off and tell yourself that you’ll miss her,

Listening to the voice in your head as it gently whispers,

That even though you know there’s a constellation of stars,

Not everyone gets their big dipper.

Still you ask friends for advice, what they’ll say, you already know

Should I let her go?” All say “Yes”, you don’t get a No

The biggest problem with all this, while you quietly reminisce,

Isn’t acquiring something, but finally letting go.

Since she asked that you leave, you quietly stalk her.

You’ve finally lost control, there’s nothing you can alter.

Even though your heart’s sunk, you dunno if you’re love drunk

Or just high on Johnny Walker.

Home isn’t helping the situation much either,

With everyone on your neck its hard to take a breather.

Complaining bout how you don’t eat but tweet,

And how you want to follow everyone but you can’t be a leader.

Its worse when no one ever deems you responsible,

Nobody listens to your needs so you just remain inaudible.

Hoping one day your talent makes it possible,

To turn an irresponsible dude to someone who’s washable.

So days turn to nights, nights become days,

Thinking of how to be a success in many different ways.

Knowing all that’s happening now is just a little phase

But at the end of the day,

You’ll have the last laugh like after every scary maze.


18 thoughts on “You

  1. *sigh* Oise, I try to understand this post, but I don’t. I won’t ask you to explain it, but look at the bright side, there’s no bright side, bro, it’s just reality telling you that. Actually, I like this post, sorry, I can’t like it, I have some problems with my browser.

  2. Errrrrm. . . . .*clears throat* when I read like the first five or six lines, I told myself that this wasn’t useful information about nothing. I was flowing then I dunno,you suddenly switched to another topic which though I understood,buh didn’t feel okay with it. Tiz like we have two almost contrasting ideas in the whole piece,if I’m not wrong. Also, at a point, you weren’t being consistent in your rhyming and i detected a grammatical error which you most probably intentionally committed ’cause you wanted it to rhyme.

    Hope I aint talking too much. . . LoL. I like this post really and I must say this is really good but I wont pat you on the back ’cause this is not the best you can do. 🙂

      1. The contrast came in where you wrote ”cuz you and her BRT’d then she switched lanes” and it became obvious where you wrote ”She doesn’t believe you now,she believes in your past”

        Then for the error- I actually thought the word ‘cheater’ was wrong till I looked it up. Pardon me for that.

        So,hope you got it 🙂

    1. It doesnt have to make a real sense you know…remember the title of the whole thingy…the flow needed to be in place with or without a good construction of grammer

  3. Haha, well the “Past” one was deliberate. I wasn’t struggling to rhyme. It was just a deliberate play on words showing the different ways by which the word “Past” could be used.
    As for “You and her BRT’d” wellll I was just tryna say that y’all were on the same track till she swerved and left your ass!
    Haha, the cheater one? Its no biggie! Thanks tho ^_^

  4. This was so touching Oise Ojeomogha….. First Time I’m commenting tho… If this a rap… You should let me hear it before I sleep tonight…..

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