The Cool Side of Life III

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Moooooorrrnnniiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg *insert name of country you currently reside in*! How was your night? I hope you slept well? You shouldn’t be cranky this morning. Its a beautiful day. The birds are flying, the sun is shining, time is passing, and you’re there squeezing your face like shit. Its too early to be frowning! So smile and be happy!

Of recent, I’ve been in the mood to tell cool stories, and so I shall proceed to tell another cool story on this awesome day. We shall use our usual protagonist; The Boy. The Boy has many adventures and today’s story shall be another one of his adventures. So again, as always, I advise you to get your sweaters and duvets ready. Also a hot cup of tea or something really warm. A cryogenic chronicle is about to be told brethren.


The Cool Side of Life III

Its daybreak, and The Boy has awoken from his deep slumber. Out of reflex, he flips the light switch and heaves a sigh of relief to find out that there’s still light at home. NEPA has been very nice of late, by allowing there to be a steady flow of partially interrupted power supply. The Boy starts admiring his room and lets his mind drift for a bit even though his mum’s constantly shouting his name but he ignores this and continues daydreaming and only stops when the maid comes and tells him that he is wanted by his mother downstairs. So The Boy gets up, brushes his teeth, and starts his usual weekend routine with his mum supervising him as he cleans up the whole house, inside and outside while the maid prepares breakfast.
After the tedious and dreaded cleaning has been done and The Boy has showered and cleaned himself up, he then sits down with the rest of the family to have breakfast. After the meal, everyone discusses their plans for the day and The Boy immediately pitches in that he wants to visit a friend of his and would be back later in the day. Mother Dearest does not like this friend of The Boy because she feels he’s too old to be The Boy’s friend and also acts pretty weird and so she grunts in disapproval while The Boy is pitching his wants but The Boy’s dad agrees to let The Boy go and visit his friend as long as he agrees to come back on time. With that, everybody leaves for their various destinations.

Today is a good day for The Boy. He managed to get dad’s approval even though Mother Dearest was against it. A feat which rarely ever happens because once Mother says no, its an automatic no from dad too. The Boy decides to leave home last because he wanted to have a reason to stay a little bit late at his friend’s place. The Boy takes the bus and luckily there’s no traffic today so everything seems to be going on smoothly and The Boy reaches the home of his friend and after the usual salutations and greeting of the family members of The Boy’s friend, The Boy follows his friend to his room where they usually play video games. Everything seems normal until The Boy hears his friend lock the door behind him, something which doesn’t occur often, and this scares him, for the sole reason being that his friend never does that and there were rumors of him being gay (even though he had a girlfriend). The friend, noticing The Boy’s odd stare, quickly assures him that all is well, and that he only locked the door because he did not want them to be disturbed by other family members. The Boy eases up a bit, and relaxes.

The Boy and his friend then sit on the friend’s bed and play two games of Fifa before The Boy complains of the room being hot and stuffy to which the friend replies, “I’m sorry. The Air Conditioner has been having fault and the fan isn’t working too well.” The friend then proceeds to take off all pieces of clothing except his boxers and aims the fan on the bed where he and The Boy are sitting. The Boy, noticing that he was dripping with sweat, also imitates his friend and takes off all pieces of clothing except for his boxers, and both boys proceed to enjoy their video gaming in peace and harmony.
Everything still seemed a bit normal, with the only oddity being that everytime the friend scored or conceded a goal, he’d put his hand on the shoulder of The Boy and either laugh, or stare deep into The Boy’s eyes till he became uncomfy. This happened about six times and slowly, The Boy started to feel very uncomfortable. He bore all this in silence and continued playing.

Everything immediately changed when they were playing another game of Fifa and the friend scores The Boy multiple times and on his last goal, holds The Boy firmly on the shoulder and smiles in a pedophilic way. To The Boy’s horror, he stares down at the boxers of his friend and he realizes that something is terribly wrong. This was totally unexpected. His friend has a large and raging boner. Luckily, the friend didn’t catch The Boy staring and mentally debating on his next tactic, but immediately the friend turned to face The Boy, The Boy immediately claimed to be “Pressed” and excused himself to use the bathroom. The friend, overly horny and desperate, followed The Boy so he could direct him to the bathroom and he almost entered the bathroom with The Boy. Thankfully, The Boy knew better and quickly ran to the bathroom when it was in sight and made sure he locked the door behind him.

The friend knocked on the door for a while and told The Boy that he was also “Pressed” but The Boy started making sounds as though he was taking a shit so that he could send the friend away from the door. On hearing these sounds, the friend walked away while The Boy kept making the shit noises. Slowly and gently, just to confirm where his “Friend” was, The Boy tiptoed across to the door and peeped from underneath the door to see his friend. What met The Boy’s eyes was not a pleasant sight. There, on the bed, was his friend, one hand holding the crotch area of The Boy’s jeans to his nose, the other hand on his penis, happily masturbating. It took loads of self control to prevent The Boy from screaming and vomiting at the same time.

Luckily, while The Boy was going to the bathroom, he managed to sneak his phone with him without his friend seeing this. So The Boy frantically goes back to the toilet, makes his shit noises, and starts texting his brother, begging him to come and pick him up. The Boy was in luck as his brother was around that area and so he told him he’d be there in ten minutes, but immediately The Boy explained the situation to his brother, his brother said he’d be there sooner. On hearing this, The Boy was relieved and calmed down. Curiosity kills the cat they say, and curious was The Boy, to what his friend was doing, and so he tiptoed back to the door to peep at what his friend was doing. He was just in time to watch his friend make a loud grunt and orgasm. The Boy looked in horror as his friend wiped his juices off his penis with his two hands, and rubbed them together in an effort to get rid of all the juices. He then used his soiled hands to drop The Boy’s jeans back where he picked it up.

Things started to look worse for The Boy as his friend, still horny, started approaching the door and complaining about the length of time The Boy was spending in the bathroom. God finally answered The Boy’s prayers, and the mom of The Boy’s friend was knocking at the door of his friend, announcing that The Boy’s brother was here to pick him up. In a jiffy, The Boy left the bathroom, dressed up, and was escorted downstairs by his friend. The Boy didn’t even say anything to anyone as he immediately ran to the car. He watched his brother shake everyone and say goodbye and The Boy burst out laughing when he watched his brother shake his friend’s juice soiled hands and bid him goodbye. That smile was wiped off The Boy’s face when he made eye contact with his friend who winked at him.
Never again, did The Boy set foot in his “friend’s” house.


And that, was the story, of how The Boy almost had his anus expanded. I know I know. This story is too cool. I can’t help it! I’m in the mood to tell cool stories! Follow @TheOiz and have a wonderful day!

6 thoughts on “The Cool Side of Life III

  1. of course…if there is one person that will b almost raped by a gay pedophile…it would b u. ROTFLMAO…and mayb if u stop hating on girls…a girl would try to rape you instead.

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