Battle of The Sexes V


I’m back!! And I’m feeling goooooooooooooooood this early morning! Top of the morning to ya! How was your night? Did you sleep well? Or you haven’t even slept at all? Because you’re on summer holidays and all right? I pity you. When school starts, you’ll start searching for that sleep that you’ve been using to do shakara for ages! Worst part is… You won’t find it! So enjoy it while it lasts!! Apparently some females could not look at water normally without having a smirk on their face and feeling weird due to my last post. Ha! I laugh at you. If you like, don’t drink water because its sexual. Die of dehydration! You shall be replaced! But if you still drink water and refuse to shower because it enters areas where people don’t usually (or usually if you’re that generous with your legs), you’re going to hell. Better wash that vagina. That is all.
So you’re back to useful information about nothing to come and acquire useful information on nothing. It seems like you have too much time on your hand to waste. I shall proceed to help you achieve this dream. I’m never getting laid again because of this post, but I don’t feel bad.. I know my God is a good God. He will see me through 😀 Today, I want to address those females who say that men have it easier compared to them. Let us look at some instances with the judgmental society we have today.


The world we live in today is totally sexist, and its fully in favor of the females but they never notice. If a female cries (even if she’s seriously facially handicapped), she’ll immediately be surrounded by guys or girls who’ll try to comfort her whereas if a guy cries, he’s a pussy (unless its the death of a parent or something dire). Even if the girl keeps on crying repeatedly, she’ll still be comforted. If the guy keeps on crying, he probably has a vagina hidden somewhere.


Then there’s the situation of horniness. If a guy masturbates, he’s a loner who has no life whatsoever whereas if a female masturbates, she’s only trying to find out how her body works. Besides that, we all know what happens when females and males go to bars. If a female goes to a bar, unless she’s REALLY facially handicapped or she’s just confused, she’s going to get free drinks, a free ride, and she’ll also get laid. On the other hand, if a guy goes to a club and he doesn’t have enough money, or isn’t facially equipped enough or he just sucks at flirting and getting the right signals, we’re almost 90% sure he’s going home wasted, poorer than before, and the only thing getting laid is his bed. Even during the time of sex, it is evident that its a woman who matters the most. If the woman is bad in bed, there’s nothing really bad, but if the guy is bad in bed, he’s a failure. Also, according to society, its okay if the woman orgasms first because she’s special, but if the man orgasms first… He’s a failure. People have made it seem like guys are so sex deprived that if a guy says “Babe, I don’t feel like having sex” the females would either call him gay/impotent, but if a girl says so, its pretty normal.


The statement that pisses me off the most by females is “I have nothing to wear” YET, when you open their drawers or cupboards, the number of clothes there can cover a whole country. Almost all the stores nowadays cater more to the needs of females than males and this is shown time and time again as you enter many stores and you see that the section designated for females is at least 70% in comparison to males which usually isn’t more than 30%.


As I talked about Mood Swings some posts back, it seems women like using it as an excuse to throw some pointless tantrums. If a girl throws a tantrum, “Its that time of the month” again, but if a guy throws a tantrum, he’s probably a spoiled kid. In an event where the girl is throwing her tantrum and she’s too upset and she slaps the guy, he probably deserved it, but once he returns the favor, he’s a manhandler :/ I’m honestly tired of some of you females sha.


Since you were good enough to read today’s overly sexist post, I shall proceed to show you a picture of a female who has been hurt multiple times. Its either that, or she’s on her period. That period must be a serious one too. I seriously don’t get how super jumpy you can be. All he said was “Hey” and the girl began to give him a breakdown of her past life and how she’s been hurt and probably has children and some other issues which no one really gives a shit about. All the boy wanted to know was if Miss Renee had a tumblr account 😐


Sha follow @TheOiz and have a nice dayyy 😀
Oh, I’m not sexist btw 🙂


3 thoughts on “Battle of The Sexes V

  1. “Then there’s the situation of horniness. If a guy masturbates, he’s
    a loner who has no life whatsoever” Fool, you just subbed me. Fuck you, brah. Anyway, I think everything you said in this post is true. Guess what???, Fuck girls *grabs vaseline*.

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