Battle of The Sexes IV

Eyyyyyyyss!!!! I dunno whether I should start by greeting then apologizing, or apologizing then greeting. Sorry for not dropping this post yesterday. Hope you weren’t bored too much sha? Anyways! Good morning/afternoon/evening. Wassup with your life? Happy/Sad/Bored? All of the above? Well, it happens.

So as an apology, I’ll finally do the male problems many girls seem to complain about. As a guy, I still find some of the complaints far fetched, but then again, not all I said about females are true. Only 99.9% is true. *sigh I feel so gay writing about this.

Time: So its a universal fact that as human beings, we tend to know how to waste time even though we come on with many slogans like “Time waits for no man.” “Time is money” and all other fairytales. Time waits for no man, yet there was a time in the Bible where someone made time chill. Time is money? My wristwatch doesn’t add any value to my income daily 😦 Leave me to sound retarded. Its true literally, fashi the metaphorical side.
But on to guys. We tend to waste a lot of time. Sorry. Scratch that. We tend to LIE about time. This is a very normal situation nowadays

Girl: Hey Boo! Are you close now?

(Still on his bed)

Boy: Yeah Boo! Just left home now. I’ll be there in thirty minutes!

(Thirty minutes later)

Girl: Where are youu????

Boy: There’s traffic Boo 🙂

Now that’s a scene that tends to happen a lot. Another one which ladies seem to complain about a lot is time used to reply other females. Like when they send a text message/ping is sent to a guy, his response time is usually slower in comparison to a girl and his excuses are even worse. Why did you take so long to reply? Errm. I was taking care of my grandmother. But… Your grandma died last week……

Sometimes, I wonder how you girls keep up with boys sef.

Cluelessness: I still think this is a two way thing, but in most of the cases I know, its the guy that’s usually the most clueless person on earth. Now in some cases, those rare cases, where the girl makes the first move, sometimes, its proven that guys can be clueless idiots. Sadly, I know too many cases where a girl likes a guy, she makes the first move, and the guy is so clueless, he friendzones her and uses her as a link to get to another girl entirely. I’m sure many girls are celebrating as I admitted this. Calm your titties abeg. It doesn’t happen everytime. But it happens many times.
I know many girls who give hints so much it seems as though the girl is pushing herself too much on a guy. Sometimes, there are some guys I just feel like slapping whenever its obvious a girl likes him soo much yet he never notices. Like Dude!! This girl helps you copy your notes everyday in class, calls you everyday, lends you money when you’re broke and always tries to be by your side everyday and you think she’s just that nice? Even your sister isn’t that nice -____-

Well I feel bad for some of you girls who toss so many hints yet the dude doesn’t catch them. But then again, why keep hinting to someone even when its evident he has his eyes on other fish entirely?

Romance: Now I’ve heard many girls complain that their guy isn’t romantic and he never can cater to the needs. Well, in most cases in my mind, I’m like, How can a guy cater to your needs when they’re unlimited? Sometimes, I feel as though its those romance books that have made it seem like guys will be like Romeo. But truth be told, some guys can be really Unromantic.

I know of a dude who was talking to his babe on skype and all of a sudden, he fell asleep on skype! I died laughing sha, but really, who does that? In the middle of an intense conversation which might have probably been sexual, the nigga falls asleep. That’s just sad.
In many other cases, I feel bad for girls who always try their best to put in so much effort in a relationship to talk to a guy. Always calling, always texting and always taking every little time to say “I love you” in between while the guy just chills and doesn’t say much. Well, as for me. If I keep trying and trying and I keep getting ignored or don’t get enough feedback, I’ll just ignore till the person notices my absence. If not, na to move on be that!
The worst one I heard was that a guy invited a girl to have lunch with him, go to an amusement park, do all the rides, watch a movie and dropped her home. I found it hilarious and just wrong that the guy made the girl pay for all of the things. He paid for his stuff and she paid for hers. Even though she didn’t tell him that she was expecting him to pay, she still felt hurt. She told me she had just enough to see her through that day. Now I wonder if that guy totally forgot what Chivalry means. I mean, unless a girl insists that she pay for her stuff, isn’t the guy meant to be the one paying? Oh well, its love 😛

Well, this would probably be the most boring thing I ever wrote. Sorry I couldn’t write better. I’m not that unsexist soooo you can’t expect me to be good at bashing dudes.
Well, if I do manage to make 2,000 views before the end of the week, I might just make a 5 minute video talking about my love for plantain or something else. Haven’t decided what this week’s special is gonna be about! Thanks for reading sha and follow @TheOiz

6 thoughts on “Battle of The Sexes IV

  1. Nice blog tho, appreciate these writers a lot. First, with the time ish. ў☺ΰ‎​ did get it, i waste a lot of time playing football manager and believe bike (okada) will do the magic. Secondly, about clues. Guy, i tot dis babe was into me. She insisted on paying for all our outings, i mean all. Even buy fuel in the car. Wasnt dat enough clue, wen i eventually did ask her o, she said “can’t i just want to be with you, without you thinking to that direction”. So…..dats dat for dat. Finally, romance, romance. Movies, TV shows, novels are the problems.

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