Heyy! Good morning! I’m tired of paying respect to the continent that you’re situated in. It’s morning in my side and I’m gonna say Good Morning!! Every time I’m the one saying “Good morning/afternoon/evening. How was your day/night? Was it good?” How many times do you stop and greet me? I know some people minors are reading this blog and they don’t greet. Is that how you do with your elders at home? You see them and you won’t greet? Tsk Tsk Tsk. Well today, there’d probably be less humor and all because the topic above isn’t a joking one. But I’ll do my best to lighten it up as much as I can!

Death! Death! Death!! Death has to be one of the most painful things on earth. If you actually think that way, you’re wrong. Its actually one of the things some people have been waiting patiently for. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still really painful, but have you ever taken time to notice that in most cases, it hurts those who are left behind while some (not all) of the ones who leave embrace death like a long lost brother they’ve been waiting for for as long as they can remember?

If you’ve ever watched a person die, you’ll know that they usually know when they’re gonna leave you. They know when they won’t see the earth anymore. No more earth. No more family. No more friends. That’s why the moment when someone is on his/her deathbed, he/she either starts to confess somethings or apologize for some things that they did/couldn’t do. Usually, it’s the people who know they’ve lived life well and probably played their part, that usually leave with a smile on their face. Doesn’t mean it takes the sting out that they’re gone, just means that they probably lived their life as expected.

On the painful side of life, death in the family has to be one of the most painful things ever. And I’m not talking about Death in the Family, that annoying book that we had to read for JSCE. I swear, that book pissed me off. Back to the topic. Death in the family. By family, I mean those who are related to you by blood, and those who are so close to you, people just assume you’re cousins or family friends. On the side of the family, the death of a parent has to be the most heart wrenching thing ever, especially when the child is of a reasonable thinking age (like 10) because at that age, you’re expected to be too reasonable to know that “Mum/Dad went for a vacation, they’ll be back soon.” Is a bloody lie in reality, but metaphorically, it could be true. The death of a parent can hurt like hell, but I believe its even worse when it’s the child who dies before the parent. Now that has to be the most painful of them all. Especially when its the only child. I think this is why some families who have just one kid (and no, I don’t mean a baby goat. You have every right to be offended if someone calls you a “Kid” Take it from me kid) they tend to spoil the child. *sigh* I’m sure even if I was the only child, I’d still be disciplined (African parents call it “Discipline” not beating. Sometimes I agree, most times, I don’t. But why put yourself in a position to be disciplined in the first place?) Still, it doesn’t change the fact that the death of a child, is usually worse than the death of a parent because a good parent would have done all his/her best to strive to see their child be a success in the world and then hopefully reap the fruits of their labor but midway through, the child just dies. I’m sure many people cannot begin to fathom how painful a situation like that must be! This is why I get irritated and annoyed when I hear people say “If my mum/dad dies, I’ll just kill myself. There’s no point in living.” You really do need to be slapped….. With a penis…. Multiple times. For a statement like that. Do you know how many people you’ll hurt when you commit suicide? I’m totally sure if you could meet your parents in the after life, your mum would probably be holding a cane, ready to lash you small before letting you go. Suicide = Cowardice. Oh you lost a brother/sister? You have others. Cherish them. If you don’t have others, you have some friends who would always be there for you no matter what. Cherish them. Oh you lost one parent? Fine. You have another. Cherish that one. Oh you lost both parents? Cool. Life’s not over, strive to complete the wish of your parents (to be successful) so they can smile with you and be happy wherever they are that they were your parents. Cherish whatever you have now, cus you never know when you’re gonna lose it.


So we’re back here again, at the end of today’s post. I don’t really have much to say except R.I.P to Misan Ashima, R.I.P to Alexis’ parents, and R.I.P to those of who have lost a family member, or a very close friend. They’re all in a better place now I guess.
Thanks for reading and follow @TheOiz! Battle of The Sexes 3 should be out by tomorrow I guess! And I’m focusing on males this time. I need my female friends back 😀

5 thoughts on “Death

  1. Inspiring ish…I agree with all your views….more folks should learn to understand the value, fragile and sacred nature of life….good writing bruv

  2. Really deep mehn..I’m quite experienced in this field but guess what..I’m still living and feeling all right.. The world doesn’t enbd due to death of a parent , sibling, friend etc

  3. Really deep mehn..I’m quite experienced in this field but guess what..I’m still living and feeling all right.. The world doesn’t end due to death of a parent , sibling, friend etc

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