Battle Of The Sexes

And it’s me again!! Mr Oiz AKA Sexual AKA Mr Useful Info About Nothing AKA TheOiz AKA Oise AKA James AKA This Is Just A Waste of Time. I’m just excited for no reason ^_^ Now I’m sure the first thing you noticed immediately you started reading was how lengthy this post looked. My apologies. But I have a good explanation! Trust me, it’s worth it. Scratch that. Its worth nothing, but still, read 😀

Now today, we’re gonna talk about God’s best creation yet. Woman. The name itself entails so much. Woman, was made to “Woo Man” and the thing is, she never fails to do it well. Especially when she has a lot of “Assets”. This doesn’t mean the ones with liabilities still don’t know how to make it seem like they have assets tho. Which slowly brings me into the topic of today. The Female Logic.

The hardest thing in life must be trying to understand women. You can NEVER understand a woman. Their logic is just idnsbdusoobsdfebfbekbfefidn to us guys. Let’s try to break it down into some very normal circumstances we’re used to everyday.

Love: When people are in love, they can do the dumbest things ever but we can all agree that its females that do the weirdest of them all. When guys are in love, they take action and try to do things to let the girl know how they feel. On the other hand, when females are in love, they just chill and expect the guy to notice that they love him meanwhile, they haven’t even done ANYTHING to let him know they’re interested in him. No flirting, nothing. Its like most females believe that there’s an icon that pops over their head indicating that they’re in love with a boy and because of this, he MUST notice them more and start making moves. Why can’t you ever make the first move if you like a guy? It doesn’t make you look cheap or needy/thirsty. It just means you know what you want, and if you play your cards well, you can make someone who didn’t even notice you, start acting like he can’t do without you. Its just how you play your cards. Even when the guy loves them as much as they love him, they start playing “Hard to Get”. What is wrong with you girls?? You’ve finally gotten the guy you love to love you back and then you start playing hard to get? Then you call it a “Test” to be sure if he really loves you. When the guy gets tired and stops chasing, you cry day and night saying he never loved you whereas, the guy went through heaven and hell just to make you his YET, you used him to do shakara. Women and their logic -__________-

Shopping: Women never seem to make up their minds and when it comes to shopping, you’ll know this. I don’t go shopping with my mum anymore unless she agrees to buy something for me while I go shopping with her. This is because she’ll say she’s going to buy A, B and C at the store, but end up buying A – Z. This is very common to almost all ladies and this is really why we guys rarely ever like shopping with you. Ladies never seem to stick to it. You say you’re gonna buy a top, and end up buying shoes, makeup, a purse, a skirt, and a hat because they matched the dress and they were “On Sale”. It still baffles me that most ladies don’t notice that its just a shopping tactic to make you buy goods. For example, a bag may cost $50 yet it’ll be unattractive to most females. But once they see the bag was slashed from $90 – $50, the next thing they want to do is purchase it. Your logic is really confusing.
Another annoying part of shopping and the major reason why we guys prefer to sit outside and carry your bags with you (that is, if we do follow you shopping and we’re not gay) is because of how you don’t seem to take our word when you’re shopping. You pick up a dress and ask us what we think about it and we tell you that you look stunning in it BUT, you believe you look “Fat” in it so you drop it and pick up another identical dress and get upset when we tell you that you still look stunning in it because you think we’re just saying that to make you take the dress and leave so when we can go elsewhere. This is really why most of us guys don’t like shopping with you ladies. Why ask us to go shopping with you and ask for our opinion when you won’t even listen to it? Don’t tell me ALL your other female friends can’t go shopping with you. Sometimes, females can even be confusing with what they say. Take my mum for example. She’ll say something like this to my dad, “So honey, I went to the market to buy Okra but saw some nice tomatoes so I bought plenty Onions instead.” -____- You logic can be really annoying and confusing 😐

Porn/Romantic Novels: At one point in our lives, we’ve all encountered a pornographic scene which might have probably led to some people doing further investigation and then constant watching of porn. I’m not here to insult those who are too lazy/unlucky to get laid so they waste time watching porn. I’m here to talk about females and their idea of “Porn”.

Most females don’t like admitting that they watch porn (even if they do) yet 80% of females read loads of Romantic novels just to savor every moment of the Erotic scenes. Which brings me to my next question. Why do you read so much romantic novels just for the “Erotic” side yet scorn at others who watch porn? Don’t you know that most romance novels are worse than porn? Romance novels explain in detail, step by step how the man and the woman engage in intercourse and they usually succeed in getting you aroused which is exactly the same thing that happens to people who watch porn. Porn just tries to give you a visual aid whereas romance novels try their best to paint the picture so vividly, you wouldn’t even need to watch anything pornographic. Since romantic novels arouse you just as much as porn would, why then, act like you’re the holiest being on the planet when we all know all the images and fantasies that pop into your head while you read?

A friend of mine (the friend is a she) just recommended that I read Fifty Shades of Gray because its a very good book. By very good, I didn’t know she meant there’d be many sex scenes where different sex positions and options are portrayed.
The most annoying thing about girls and romantic novels is that it sends them into a fantasy world and makes them believe so many things thereby raising their sexual expectations so high, they get devastated when they don’t reach “That Point” as it was explained in the novels. Still tho, your logic that porn is bad yet you can read the hell out of it baffles us guys. A Lot.

And we have come to the end of the blog post. I know right now most females hate me. But its all good. Its not like I was gonna get laid anyways 😦
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17 thoughts on “Battle Of The Sexes

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, brah, I like this post, but I hate the fact that girls play hard to get, it’s becoming annoying, there’s no time jare. Love me now or never. *returns to porn*

  2. But you should have put in the exception clause… not all girls are against porn, i might spend a lotta time when i go shopping, but i NEVER go with my dad or my brothers. They know better than to wait for me, and girls do drop hints when they like a guy, they just don’t feel confident enough to talk to the guy, and even when we do, you boys are obtuse enough to not see it. The main reason girls like romance novels as opposed to porn is that most girls like emotion, porn is having sex, or if you like, f***ing, not making love, girls like to be made love to, not used… i hope this explains it…

  3. :p
    well now ill be looking foward to your own 50 shades with the Sexual Side of life 4 and 5 maybe 😀 lol now im going to go to bed lol..its too early to be reading UsefulinformationAboutNothing..:)

  4. ROTFLMFAO GOSH can’t stop crackin over this true tho ladies play hard 2 get 4 d right reasons @ tymes Nice Post tho rili enjoyed it despite d fact dat u were jus Yabbing US girls

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